Ivan Nova’s Comeback

Nova has had his ups and downs in his MLB career. Could he be on the right track now?
Nova has had his ups and downs in his MLB career. Could he be on the right track now?

As a rookie, Ivan Nova was known by the fans as “supernova.” He dazzled the fans all across America with his curveball and his great control but then it all went downhill. Ivan Nova finished last season with a 12-8 record.

Not so bad right? Wrong.

Nova had an ERA of 5.02 and opposition batters were hitting .288 against him. The struggle continued for Nova at the start of this season as he was soon sent down to Triple-A. Nova dazzled in Triple-A going 2-0 with an ERA of 2.04.

To many Yankee fans’ dismay, Brian Cashman and Joe Girardi decided to recall Nova back to the majors and so far it has been a second coming for him. Nova has been back from Triple-A and has been playing out of his skin only allowing 8 ER over 4 starts. Before Nova was sent down to Triple-A his ERA was an abysmal 4.93, whereas now he has brought it down to 3.63 and has got his record up to 4-2.

What Nova has done no one knows but when watching him pitch at his old dominant self once again has been nothing short of special for Yankee fans. The Yankees have been reliant on their pitching rotation this season and another arm being added will do them good in the long run.

Many Yankee fans were calling for Nova’s head when he was pitching last season and at the beginning of this season but with the recent turnaround in his pitching, it seems that Phil Hughes is the man that everyone wants out of the Bronx for his inconsistent pitching. Who knows, maybe a stint in the minors could help him out too.

If this is a sign that Nova is back to his old self (rookie season) then the Yankees fans should be excited as it would mean that not only do they have another arm added to the rotation, they also have Michael Pineda coming back soon and by a pitching standpoint, it only gets better.

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