A Giant Take: Week Three (9/19/14)

Last weekend I went to Toronto, Canada. I drove up with my dad on Friday and we went home on Sunday. We visited some family and friends and had a great time. It was about an eight hour ride each way, so that means about sixteen hours of driving just to be there for about forty hours (I just did the math). Some may not find that to be worth it, but I think it definitely was. Canada is a terrific country. You know all that stuff they say about “cleaner air”? All true. It tasted different. But it was good air. And definitely cleaner.

Anyway, my dad and I were planning to leave Toronto around 11:00am on Sunday morning, ensuring we would be over the border into the United States by that time. The hope was that, being back in the U.S., we would be able to listen to the Giants’ game by streaming it with my phone (we couldn’t use data in Canada, as it was way too expensive – thanks, Verizon). Long story short, we didn’t leave Toronto until about 2:00pm. My brother sent me a score update via text at halftime, while I was still in Canada, telling me that the Giants were up 14-10. I looked at my dad and screamed, “WE MIGHT WIN A GAME.” (Spoiler alert: we didn’t.)

We got back to the United States at around 3:30pm. I was crushed to have missed most of the game, but excited that I would be able to listen to the ending of it on my phone. I finally loaded the radio feed and plugged my phone into the car’s speaker system after a few minutes frantically searching through Google looking for a way to listen to the game. I hear the announcer’s voice and become excited to hear my G-Men possibly win a game. I’m about thirty seconds into listening the game when I hear the announcer scream. Rashard Jennings lost a fumble, which meant the Giants would lose the game. I shut off the radio feed, and went to see how many points Jimmy Graham got me for my fantasy team. It was 23 points. Not bad.

Giant Rant of the Week: How do you lose a game like that to a team that was missing their starting quarterback? HOW!? (No literally, how? I missed the entire game.) I really, really wish I could rant about this loss, but I can’t. I don’t know exactly what happened. And I never want to know. Ever. I am mad about it.

Giant Player of the Week: Again, I was in Canada for most of the game, so I’ll just have to base this solely off the box score. I think I’ll go with Larry “Who?” Donnell again. He had 7 receptions for 81 yards. I also read a tweet that said he “is really involved with this new Giants’ offense.” That sounds good. Player of the week.

Giant Picture/Video of the Week: Want to know something funny? I went to Google Images and searched for “Giants Cardinals 2014.” All baseball pictures. Every single one of them. Teams in different sports shouldn’t be allowed to have the same name. Get rid of them. Anyway, Reuben Randle caught a pretty awesome touchdown, and someone got a pretty awesome picture of it, so here you go:

Reuben Randle (#82) of the New York Giants makes a one-handed touchdown catch in Week 2 against the Arizona Cardinals. (Photo taken by Kathy Willens/AP Photo)

Why My Fantasy Teams Suck: Actually, my teams didn’t really suck this week. I won in two out of my three leagues, and was barely edged out by fellow writer William Botchway in our New York Sports Hub Fantasy Football League. He beat me with Darren Sproles’ ridiculous Monday Night Football performance. THANKS A BUNCH, DARREN!

Interesting Non-Giants Game to Watch this Week: Broncos vs. Seahawks. The Super Bowl re-match. You knew I would have to pick this game. ESPN and every other sports media outlet in the country will be over-hyping this matchup. But you know what I think? A terrible game. Seattle will win 2-0 on a late safety. Guess who will sack Peyton Manning for that safety? That’s right, none other than Richard Sherman. And then ESPN will lose their minds because RICHARD SHERMAN IS JUST THE BEST EVER, WOW! Mark my words. If this happens, I will look like an absolute genius.

My Giant Prediction for Week 3: Giants 23, Texans 17. Is this just wishful thinking? No. Despite what everyone may believe, the Texans aren’t that good. But neither are the Giants, so this could be fun. Another 2-0 game perhaps.

Enjoy the game this Sunday and all the games across the NFL. Let’s go Giants!

“A Giant Take” is a weekly New York Giants column that will run every Friday during the NFL season on New York Sports Hub. It is written by Giants columnist Matt Tomaszewsky. You can reach Matt on Twitter or by leaving a comment in the comment section below.

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