Giants Poke Fun At The Patriots

New England’s 45-7 domination of the Indianapolis Colts will send them to their sixth Super Bowl under the Brady-Belichick era, and their third in the past seven seasons. New England won their first three, establishing a dynasty. The last two though, weren’t as successful.

They lost to the New York Giants twice, and players on those Super Bowl teams couldn’t help but rub it in. Lawrence Tynes was at the forefront of this.

The 0-2 in Glendale refers to when Brady lost to the Giants in 2008 in Glendale, Arizona, and his prediction for the upcoming Super Bowl which will also be in Glendale.

Tynes also appears to have a distaste for the Seahawks.

Looks like his pick is Seattle.

He was not done just yet though. He retweeted and favorited these two tweets. Brandon Jacobs also retweeted this first one.

Plaxico Burress also chimed in.

Justin Tuck also had his remarks earlier in the week.

“If it wasn’t for the Giants, I think Brady would go down, no question, as the greatest quarterback to ever play the game,” Tuck said, via “So I’m glad we were able to steal two from him.”

All the talking stops on February 1, when the actual game will happen.  The Giants appear to have their preference in who they will be rooting for, being they are all still very proud with their two Super Bowl upsets.




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