Will Lopez Stay or Go?

As the Brook Lopez trade rumors die down and the Brooklyn Nets remain well below .500 there is still a lot of pressure for the Nets to make some acquisitions to improve the team. To many, anything less than a contender is unacceptable.

Lopez rumors come around every year and always seem to break down for one reason or another. Sometimes it is injury, others it is that a deal could not be agreed upon. But the fact remains that teams do seem to be interested in the big man from California, but do the Nets over value Lopez on the market? Lopez played a major role with the Nets over the years, however he is known to be injury prone and currently seems to be performing below average, for his standards, while on the floor. So what is Lopez actually worth?

Brooklyn need someone who can play the point desperately. With Deron Williams battling injury what seems like every other week and Jarrett Jack transitioning smoothly into the starting role, a backup guard is what is missing. Darius Morris has found himself with a much bigger role than he is currently capable of. The Nets may be looking for a deal that lands them a guard accustomed to the league with knowledge on how to run a unit.

Consistency is something that is severely lacking this season for the Nets as they rank 27th in the NBA on three-point shots. A scorer, a reliable scorer, would work wonders on a roster that is vastly under achieving. So it goes without question that the Nets would be open to any conversations that could possibly land them someone who knows how to score on a regular basis. On the other hand, when Lopez is on, he is on. He does have the potential to put up 20 points per game on a nightly basis and to be the main man on offense.

Another thing the Brooklyn Nets are missing this year is a leader. Someone to take the reins. Garnett seems to be playing leader for now, but next season he may retire and then the Nets will be without someone to look to for support and mentality. Although unlikely Lopez would bring in someone with superior leadership qualities already, if they could land a young player, someone like Shabazz Napier, to mesh with former Duke Blue Devil, Mason Plumlee, these qualities could very well develop over time and offer the Nets a shot at contending.

The difficulty in the trade comes with Lopez’s big contract and his play that, as of the moment, is not really living up to that contract. Yet Lopez continues to draw attention from teams looking for another big name to add in the hope of a championship. If Lopez stays in Brooklyn, expect new trade rumors to surface this time next year.


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