Is the Mets Rebuilding Process Coming to an End?

When Sandy Alderson became the New York Mets general manager after the 2010 season, he started a arduous rebuilding process. The process has developed some failures, such as Ruben Tejada or Ike Davis. The process has also uncovered some gems like Jacob deGrom like Juan Lagares.

It finally seems as though all of this waiting is starting to pay off. With the potential that the current Mets team has, many Mets fans and sports critics argue that it is time for the Mets to compete. Some say that the Mets need to start playing for “now” and not for the future. Thus, for many, the rebuilding process needs to end.

However, this is simply not the case. While Alderson’s reconstruction may be at the beginning of the end, it is not ending. The Mets farm system is stacked with talent, and it would be foolish for Alderson to stop improving it now.

According to John Sickels of, the top current Mets prospects are Noah Syndergaard, Steven Matz, Dilson Herrera, Brandon Nimmo, and Kevin Plawecki. Combine those players with Rafael Montero, L.J. Mazzilli, Amed Rosario, and Michael Conforto and it is clear how powerful the Mets farm system currently is.

It is also clear that these young prospects are just that – prospects. They still need time to develop as players before they can make an impact on the team.

The Mets still have outfielders, pitchers, and middle infielders developing; which is a statement that the team is still rebuilding as a whole. However, Alderson must find a way to balance this continuous process with having the major league team do somewhat well. With the likes of Matt Harvey, David Wright, and Daniel Murphy on the team, there is no excuse for the Mets to be a noncompeting team.

Fortunately for us Mets fans, Alderson has already made the moves to secure this for us. By acquiring Michael Cuddyer, Alderson has set the team up to have a decent offense that can support strong pitching. But most importantly, he has done this without destroying the Mets farm system.

This is exactly why the potential Ian Desmond trade fell through – the Mets cannot put all of their eggs into one basket. The minor league system still has talent left to be tapped and Alderson has been rightly refusing to give away a potential dominant Mets future for a couple of hopeful playoff runs.

Truthfully, Alderson’s rebuilding strategy is still a few years from being over. While it might seem that the minor leagues have given the Mets plenty of talent as is, it has still too much to potentially give the Mets for Alderson to trade the rest of it away.

While the average Mets fan might be sick of hearing “wait till next year,” he/she should realize that not all of the Mets success will happen in the future. The Mets have a pretty good team as is. Although they will not be winning a World Series with the current roster, the team will still provide us with an exciting and faith-restoring season.


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