The Resurgent Play of Chris Kreider

Chris Kreider has seemed to finally have his heart back into the game. The New York Rangers winger has been on fire as of late and is showing no signs of slowing down. At 23, he is only in his second full season in the league and is showing why he can be a force with the Rangers. Despite being a savior in multiple playoff series, he has struggled to find his own at times during the regular season.

As of late, he has been one of the best players on the ice and dominates with his size and speed. In his last five games he has two goals and four points and five goals in ten games.  With a deadly combination of size and speed, Kreider is lethal in all ends of the ice. His line of Stepan and St. Louis is truly starting to develop deadly chemistry.

With Stepan being the natural playmaker, St. Louis with his puck handling skills and scoring touch, Kreider completed the line with his big body and hockey sense. Number 20 has tremendous speed where he can beat a defender on the breakout pass or catch up to the play on a defensive odd man rush. He is strong along the boards and wins the important battles.

He has the potential and skills to be an elite goal scorer, and he proves that by working hard in practice everyday and talking to Martin St. Louis every chance he gets; Whether it be on the bench during the game or staying late after practice.

This season, the Kreider family was struck with a disheartening moment. Chris’ grandfather had passed away. Following his death, Kreider went into a drought from November 9 to December 14. However, now his heart is back into the game. He has found new life and is quickly becoming one of the most deadly forces in the NHL, after previously establishing himself as one of the best playoff performers in recent memory.

Kreider is no longer a one month wonder.

Kreider will undoubtedly become an elite player in the league. When he plays with confidence he is an unstoppable force. In forty two games this season, Kreider has tallied ten goals and twenty four points. If he continues to dominate the way he has, he will easily bypass his seventeen goals and thirty seven points from last season.

The Rangers need their wingers to produce in order to be successful, and with his reemergence, Kreider’s production will be crucial down the line.


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