Pistons Show Interest in Prigioni

The New York Knicks have made it clear for some time that their Argentine point guard Pablo Prigioni was on the trading block. However, the league wide interest hasn’t been what they had hoped for.

That all changed Saturday night, when Detroit Pistons guard Brandon Jennings suffered a gruesome foot injury. The point guard tore his achilles, and had to be wheel chaired off the floor of Detroits tilt with the Milwaukee Bucks. Jennings tweeted the extended period of time he will miss:

The Pistons, who have been impressive ever since releasing Josh Smith, need some help in the backcourt. D.J. Augustin will likely start for Stan Van Gundy’s men, and Spencer Dinwiddie will be the backup.

Prigioni is an instant upgrade over Dinwiddie. A crafty, pass-first point guard with an underrated three point shot, the South American plays the kind of selfless basketball that could greatly benefit a team like Detroit.

The 38-year old guard is averaging 4.8 points per game and 2.5 assists per gaem in 18.8 minutes a game.

Stick to New York Sports Hub for updates on the developing situation.


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