Possible Trade Scenarios for Pablo Prigioni

Over the previous few days rumors have arisen that Phil Jackson is shopping Pablo Prigioni in the hope of receiving a second-round draft pick in return. The Detroit Pistons have interest in acquiring Prigioni after point guard, Brandon Jennings, went down with a torn achilles. He will be sidelined for 6-9 months.

Although the Argentinian veteran has a low trade value, he can still improve a team. Prigioni is extremely unselfish, on the offensive end he facilitates the basketball and hits the open man, both perimeter shooters and big men rolling to the basket. Prigioni has also shot the ball extremely well this year.

He has shot at a 41% clip from downtown for his NBA career. The 20-year pro struggles to keep his man in front of him on defense, but he is extraordinarily pesky. Prigioni has active hands and he is adept at stealing inbound passes.

Pablo Prigioni is still serviceable. He could be traded to a young and struggling team to provide veteran leadership or to a team competing for a ring as insurance at the point guard position. Prigioni could also continue in his current role; a backup point guard who can provide valuable minutes.

Here are some possible trade scenarios involving the 37-year-old veteran.

ESPN NBA Trade Machine
ESPN NBA Trade Machine

Detroit Pistons Receive: Pablo Prigioni

New York Knicks Receive: Cartier Martin, 2015 second round pick

Why Detroit does it:

Brandon Jennings suffered a torn achilles in the Pistons last game in Milwaukee. He will be sidelined until the beginning of training camp in October. The Pistons are left with D.J. Augustin and Spencer Dinwiddie – an unproven rookie. The Pistons bench is stacked with shooters – Caron Butler, Jodie Meeks, Anthony Tolliver, Cartier Martin.

Spencer Dinwiddie is shoot-first player but ideally Detroit needs a pass-first guard. Prigioni can deliver the ball into a shooters pocket and hit a big man rolling to the rim. The veteran is a good fit for Detroit. He facilitates the basketball and makes the extra pass giving shooters uncontested looks. He’s also able to knock it down himself.

Why New York does it:

The Knicks are aiming to be competitive in the future, not the present. Phil Jackson would be dealing a 37-year-old with two years remaining on his contract in exchange for a draft pick and a player whose contract expires at the end of the season. It’s crystal clear that Jackson is looking to stockpile assets while creating as much cap space in the coming years as possible.

The Knicks have had a knack of finding a diamond in the rough over the past three seasons – Galloway, Murry, Copeland – and a second round draft pick could draw a similar result. New York would achieve their goals in this trade; freeing up salary and stockpiling future assets. Martin is also a sniper from downtown who plays defense, he could be a viable backup for Carmelo Anthony.

Philadelphia 76ers Receive: Pablo Prigioni

New York Knicks Receive: 2016 second round pick

Why Philadelphia does it:

The Philadelphia 76ers are by far the youngest team going around, they have called-up and played a record breaking amount of D-League prospects. Doing so has left them with no real veteran presence. As Prigioni is a leader and teacher he could adopt the role of on court coach which would benefit the 76ers.

As Philadelphia is searching for a hidden talent, Prigioni can facilitate the basketball getting young and unproven players good shots helping in the decision making process. Like a said above, Prigioni is a leader and teacher and Philadelphia is lacking in both of those areas.

Why New York does it:

The Knicks would gain another $1.6 million in cap room this summer. Phil Jackson has said that every cent gained can go further to help the team. It once again provides an asset. New York, prior to Phil Jackson, traded away almost all of the Knicks draft picks and Jackson has begun to job of regathering picks. N

ew York has money to burn this summer and draft picks are of interest when completing a sign-and-trade. The Knicks are looking to future and youth can go a long way when aiming to compete down the track. The more youth the Knicks have the more they’ll be competitive. New York can either draft somebody late in the draft or deal the pick in a trade or sign-and-trade deal.

ESPN NBA Trade Machine
ESPN NBA Trade Machine

Houston Rockets Receive: Pablo Prigioni, Shane Larkin

New York Knicks Receive: Alexey Shved, 2017 second round pick

Why Houston does it:

The Houston Rockets point guard position lacks poise and experience and their second unit is in disarray as they do not have a traditional point guard. They have countless shooters and nobody to get them the ball in the second unit. The Knicks have already decided not to pick up Shane Larkin’s option which would make him an asset to Houston who can make some extra ‘wiggle room’ for free agency.

Prigioni can, with ease, distribute the ball to shooters and to big men (Dwight Howard) rolling to the bucket. Houston shoots an incredible amount of threes and Prigioni is lethal from downtown and Larkin is a capable shooter. Receiving two point guards gives the rockets insurance at that position. The Rockets do not have a facilitator in their second unit. Shved, Brewer and Terry all look to shoot first.

Why New York does it:

New York seems to be on the hunt for a point guard during free agency and dealing two guards results in an extra $3 million to spend during the free agency period as Shved’s contract expires at seasons end. Jackson would also get his asset – a second round pick.

New York could deal the pick in a blockbuster trade or a sign-and-trade. The Knicks could also keep pick which results in further success and a longer championship window. This trade would give the Knicks more money to spend and an addition to the stockpile.

ESPN NBA Trade Machine
ESPN NBA Trade Machine

Oklahoma City Thunder Receive: Jose Calderon, Pablo Prigioni, cash considerations ($1.2 million)

New York Knicks Receive: Reggie Jackson, Anthony Morrow, 2015 second round pick

*Note: The reason the trade does not work on the trade machine is because the cash considerations are not taken into account

Why Oklahoma City does it:

Reggie Jackson has been vocal about his desire to be a starting point guard and he’ll most likely leave during free agency. The Thunder have an elite point guard in Westbrook and Calderon would be a great backup for him.

The Thunder has always struggled to form a solid bench. It has been their downfall in a handful of playoff eliminations. Their biggest hole is scoring, Oklahoma City have plenty of rebounders and defenders but they lack consistence scoring. Calderon can provide leadership and consistent knock-down shooting from the perimeter.

Prigioni provides the same qualities. New York would also send $1.2 million in which the Thunder can can use in future trades or to buy a draft pick on draft night.

Why New York does it

Reggie Jackson is an all-round player who would fit nicely in the triangle. It’s no secret that the Knicks have interest in Jackson and New York can offer Jackson’s aspiring role of being a starter. They would, once again, gain another asset. You could also go the other way, let Jackson walk during free agency and with Jose Calderon gone it frees up even more cap space.

The Knicks have struggled shooting the ball and playing defense in general. Anthony Morrow is a three point sharpshooter, he has the ability to heat up in a hurry but he’s also a solid perimeter defender. Morrow can provide immediate help in two areas in which the Knicks suffer.

ESPN NBA Trade Machine
ESPN NBA Trade Machine

Utah Jazz receive: Pablo Prigioni

New York Knicks receive: Jeremy Evans, 2015 second round pick

Why Utah does it:

The Jazz are on of the younger teams in the NBA, with inexperience comes inconsistency. That is one of the issues for the Jazz. The point guard position has been in turmoil all season, numerous different starters who all struggle to consistently play good basketball.

Their two main point guards are enduring their first and second season in the league. Prigioni provides leadership and he’s an example the younger players can follow. The Jazz have also had trouble shooting the long ball this season and that is arguably Prigioni’s greatest strength.

Why New York does it:

The main reason Phil Jackson would pull the trigger on this trade is that Evans is an expiring contract and it would free up another $2 million in an attempt to lure free agents. It would also give New York an early second round pick which holds even more promise that the Knicks could find another diamond in the rough.

The Knicks front court has struggled to rebound the ball and protecting the ring. Evans has über athleticism and this allows him to sky high for rebounds. Also, his rim protection is first-class. This trade gives New York front court help, more cap space and a future.

ESPN NBA Trade Machine
ESPN NBA Trade Machine

Milwaukee Bucks Receive: Pablo Prigioni

New York Knicks Receive: 2016 second round pick

Why Milwaukee does it:

The Bucks are another team that has more youth than experience and Prigioni can help in this area. At the moment it look like Milwaukee is playoff bound and Prigioni can provide a steady head when facing adversity. The Bucks are hit-and-miss from downtown and the 37-year-old will drain and pain other teams.

Kendall Marshall recently went down with a torn ACL and the Argentinian can provide insurance at the point guard position. Jason Kidd has installed a team first system in Milwaukee and Prigioni facilitates the ball and he looks to pass more often than not. Brandon Knight and Kendall Marshall are both free agents at the end of the season and Prigioni has shown that he is capable of stepping in and producing. He could be insurance in that way as well.

Why New York does it:

The Knicks would dump $1.6 million in salary by trading Prigioni. That is another $1.6 million do hand out in the month of July. Phil Jackson is looking to stockpile assets and this would do exactly that. New York is looking to sign some big names and if New York was to do a sign-and-trade a draft pick may help the Knicks complete deals. It acts as compensation (partially) for losing a player. Another reason why a draft pick is increasingly sweet is that the 2015 and 2016 draft classes are or will be stacked with talent.

The Knicks are searching the market for a draft pick. Although it involves losing a ‘glue guy’ Prigioni is not in the Knicks future plans. Prigioni, 37, would be suited to a younger team whom can benefit from Prigioni’s experience and teaching ability. He provides a calm character for a younger playoff team that struggles to get through the tough situations. A draft pick in return is a valuable asset, is allows for success in the long run and a bartering tool in a trade. What should Phil Jackson and company do?


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