What’s Up With Brooklyn?

It seems as if there are constantly rumors surrounding the Brooklyn Nets. Once one fades away, another appears. Whether it is trading players, firing coaches or selling the team, the Nets are accustomed to these rumors by now.

After losing ten of their last twelve games and dropping out of the current playoff picture in the Eastern Conference, the Nets are again looking to make changes. Here are some of the most latest rumors surrounding the Nets.

Joe Johnson to Charlotte

Sunday night (January 25), Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports reported that the Nets and Charlotte Hornets have restarted their trade talks, but this time surrounding Joe Johnson, not Brook Lopez. In the current deal that Wojnarowski reported, the Nets would receive Lance Stephenson, Gerald Henderson and Marvin Williams. Joe Johnson is set to make about $45 million over the course of this season and next season and while the Nets would shed his gigantic contract, they would also be taking on three contracts. The three of them are set to make about 44 million dollars in total through the 2015-16 season and then Stephenson will still be under contract for the 2016-17 season. One of the Nets focuses over the last few years has to clear cap space for the 2016 free agency, in order to pursue Kevin Durant. The Nets currently only have two players under contract for the 2016-17 season, so trading for Stephenson would hurt their cap flexibility in 2016 free agency. This deal would improve the Nets’ depth, but it would not save them enough money that it is worth dumping Johnson for and it would also hurt the Nets’ chances at signing Durant in 2016.

Brook Lopez to Denver

Brook Lopez has been the center of trade rumors for years now, going all the way back to when the Nets were in New Jersey. The newest team to join the headlines revolving around Lopez are the Denver Nuggets. The Nuggets are reportedly interested in Lopez, but are not willing to trade much of their current core. The reported trade would consist of JaVale McGee and either a first round pick or a young player such as Gary Harris, for Lopez. After receiving two first round pick from the Cavaliers earlier in the month, the Nuggets are willing to part ways with one of their draft picks. If it was a younger player and not a draft pick, that young player could be 2014 first round pick, Gary Harris. Harris has not really received a lot of playing time on the Nuggets so they might rather deal him then a draft pick. The Nets would have to take on the $12 million that McGee will make next year, but Lopez is set to make just under $17 million next season if he chooses to opt into his contract. In this deal the Nets would downgrade from Lopez to McGee, but they also would save money and receive assets that better them for the future.

Lionel Hollins on the Hot Seat?

With the Nets recently hitting a new low, a report came out that the Nets decided it was time to evaluate Hollins as a coach. The Nets are known to keep each of their head coaches on very short leashes. They are on their sixth head coach in as many seasons, and their fourth in the last three seasons. A few hours after the original report came out, multiple reports suggested that the Nets will not be firing Hollins. While Hollins job seems safe for now, he could be out of Brooklyn in the first year of his four year contract.


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