Catching Up With Alex Rodriguez

After being suspended from Major League play for over a year, Alex Rodriguez has some mending to do.

He first met with the new Commissioner of the MLB, Rob Manfred, to clear up the air and apologize for his Biogenesis drug scandal. He then tried to set up a meeting with the New York Yankees front office, but failed.

The message they sent him was clear; “See you at Spring Training.” The Yankees probably heard enough of Biogenesis, and are prepared to move on.

That wasn’t all the Yankees did with Rodriguez. A-Rod is only six home runs away from tying Willie Mays for fourth on the All-Time home run list with 660. If he passes Mays (which he probably will), the Yankees will owe Rodriguez $6 million. Due to his connection with PED’s, New York sees that as a violation of his contract and has no intention of honoring that bonus. They are also prepared to fight him in court if he files grievance.

It should be an interesting season for Rodriguez, who also was told he got his third base job taken from him by Chase Headley.


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