A Giants Fan’s Perspective of The Super Bowl

I’m just writing this so I don’t get fined.

It’s the final day of the NFL season, with the Super Bowl just hours away. The New England Patriots are set to take on the Seattle Seahawks in the biggest sporting event in North America.

While it is always an exciting day for all fans of the sport, from some aspects it is a bit disappointing, especially for Giants fans. We’ve been spoiled since the turn of the century, with three super bowl appearances and two victories since Y2K. That’s more appearances then our rivals the Eagles and Jets have in their histories, combined! I guess you could say..


While every season without a Super Bowl berth is a bit of a disappointment for us Giants fans, it’s obviously still exciting to watch the game. While at a first look it seems obvious to root for the Seahawks as Giants fans, but their may be a motive to root for New England as well.

The Patriots and Giants have established a bit of a rivalry these past few years, as they’ve meet four times since 2007, and all four produced memorable games, including the two infamous Super Bowls. The Tom Brady- Peyton Manning rivalry has evolved to a Tom Brady-Eli and Peyton Manning rivalry, and the “deflate gate” scandal paints the Patriots as an easy team to root against.

The combination of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are 3-2 in Super Bowls, with both of those loses coming against the New York Giants. If New England wins today, the Giants will be known as the only team capable of defeating the dominant Patriots on the

The Team.
The Team.

big stage. Since the Brady-Belichick era started, the New York Giants are he only team they have a losing record against, with a 2-3 record (1-3 when Eli Manning has started).

Brady’s legacy is on the line, as a win could cement him as the greatest quarterback of all time, tying him with Joe Montana with four Super Bowl wins, the most ever. Having the Giants being the only team Brady has a losing record against would be special, and that’s the only reason any Giants fan should root for Brady tonight.

My personal prediction is a 27-20 Patriots victory. Green Bay moved the ball decently well on the Seattle defense two weeks ago, and for this game much of the Legion of Boom will be banged up for this game. Kam Chancellor, Earl Thomas, and Richard Sherman are all facing injuries. Although minor, it may hinder their performances a bit. Seattle also is one of the worst teams in the league when it comes to guarding tight ends, so Rob Gronkowski could have a field day.

If the Seahawks do win though, I would love to see Marshawn Lynch win MVP. Just to see his post game interview with the MVP trophy in hand. Hopefully like this.


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