A Jets Fan’s Perspective on the Super Bowl

It has not been fun to be a New York Jets fan this past decade. Excluding the two consecutive AFC Championship appearances and beating the Patriots in Foxboro in the Divisional round it has not been a cakewalk.

We have had to watch the Patriots win three Super Bowls, go to six Super Bowl and pretty much dominate the AFC East division. The only thing I can say about the Patriots is that I have a lot of respect for Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. One has to appreciate their greatness and realize that we may never see this great of a quarterback and head coach combination ever again.

Forget all of their so-called cheating for a second and look what they have done together. Belichick has the most playoffs win by a head coach with 21, and Brady has won 20 playoff games, the most ever. Together they have won 180 games together in the regular season and 20 in the postseason.

One can make an argument that Brady is the best quarterback ever and that Belichick is the best coach ever.

So how would a Jets fan view this Super Bowl? Well Pete Carroll used to coach the Jets and was a disaster. Additionally the Seahawks have tested positively for Performance Enhancing Drugs, but don’t worry it was just Adderall.

You can not root for the Patriots because they are our rival. So this game is a game where I will sit back and enjoy the greatness of these two teams. Obviously I would prefer if the Seahawks win but I am just hoping for this to be an incredible Super Bowl, which I think it will.

I believe the Patriots will shut up all the naysayers out there and come through against the Seahawks in a close game. Tom Brady is too good and this is arguably the best defense the Patriots have ever had.


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