What’s Up With The Nets’ Offense?

When one watches a Brooklyn Nets game, they will never be sure of what they are getting into. At one point you might see a offense with plenty of cuts and off ball movement freeing up open perimeter shots and letting players get to the hoop. 

Other times there will be an offense that is full of isolations and forced perimeter jumpers. The Nets will look like a team identical to a team from the 1980’s or 1990’s looking like a mediocre amateur squad. The game plan will be give it to somebody and get out of the way, which is not winning basketball.

One will see these two offenses change in a matter of possessions or quarters.

Brooklyn’s unreliable offense has ranked 24th in points per possessions and shows no room for improvement. During the month of January the Brooklyn Nets shot under 30% from the three point line.

In today’s NBA, the most consistent and easiest shots to make are shots around the basket like layups, alley-oops and free throws.

The Nets so far through the year have attempted a total of 3775 shots. 955 of those were three pointers. Meaning approximately quarter of the shots the Nets are taking this year have been three pointers. This is not a huge atrocity as it means that 75% of the Nets’ shots were taken within the arc. The problem is that they are second to last in three point percentage in the league only making 32% of their three pointers.

The second problem is that they are only attempting 22 free throws each game which is near the bottom of the league. This means that they are either taking too many shots outside of the paint or they are not attacking the basket enough. They make about 75% of their free throws which is solid. If they attacked the basket more than they could increase their points per game and possibly get other teams in foul trouble which leads to even more free throws.

Mason Plumlee said, “If we can get back to how the ball was moving and everybody was playing together, I think that would really benefit us.”

Plumlee obviously notices that they are getting away from good ball movement and instead leaning towards isolations which will not win any championships.

If the Nets could fix these flaws then they could win more games and fix their inconsistent offense which is weighing down their team and guarantee themselves a spot in the Eastern Conference playoffs.


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