Brooklyn Nets Reject Denver Nuggets’ Trade Offer

The Denver Nuggets have upped the ante, throwing in a first round pick on top of the already discussed deal involving JaVale McGee and J.J. Hickson in exchange for Brook Lopez and possibly one more role player.

The details of the original deal can be found here, but to sum up the Nuggets offered McGee and Hickson with no draft pick.

These draft picks belong to the Memphis Grizzlies and Oklahoma City Thunder, which will be around the 28th and 13th picks respectively. If the Nuggets were to offer the Thunder’s or their own pick it would likely fall in the late lottery which could have a profound impact for the Nets.

However the Nets’ GM Billy King did reject this trade proposal which suggests that the pick included was the Grizzlies’ pick.

The fact that the Nuggets came back with a second offer suggests that they have an intense interest in Lopez, and currently sitting on three first round picks in this year’s draft, they are not short on assets.

Another deal may come in the future, but for right now, Lopez is staying in Brooklyn.


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