Brooklyn Nets Showing Interest in Andray Blatche

Andray Blatche has had quite an interesting past six months. Blatche wasn’t picked back up by the Nets in the offseason, or any NBA team for that matter. He became a naturalized citizen in the Philippines before the FIBA World Cup in August.

In the competition, Blatche was the heart and soul of the team, averaging 21 points and 13.8 rebounds a game. The team didn’t do too well in the tournament, but surely Blatche would get picked up by a team after such a good performance…well he wasn’t.

He was a free agent until October when the Xinjiang Flying Tigers gave him a one-year,$ 2.5 million contract. In China this season, he averaged 30 points, 15.6 rebounds, nearly 5 assists and 2.8 steals per game.

Blatche was clearly the best player in China this season, but his time has run out as his team won’t be in the playoffs this season. With the numbers he has put up, he’ll more than likely ask for more than what he made in China this season.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports


With Mirza Teletovic going down for the rest of the year, the Nets are in need of a big man who could come off the bench or even start for them. Blatche did contribute a lot to the Nets last season, averaging over 11 points per game. It’s quite the surprise that nobody really wanted him.

Last season did end well between the Nets and Blatche. Personal issues, lack of fitness kept him away from the team and most likely turned off other teams from trying to pick him up. However, it looks like Blatche has put himself together since this past summer.

He’s showing that he’s fit, he can play, and personal issues he may have had appear to be resolved. If the Nets still want to be in the playoff picture, they need someone who can come off the bench and make a big impact. Deron Williams is still hurt, Teletovic, their main big-man off the bench, is done for the year.

Something has to be done to get this team back to being a playoff team. The Heat and the Grizzlies are also interested in Blatche, but the Nets should be doing everything in their power to get this guy back on their squad.

The Grizzlies don’t need another man to their roster, and the Heat aren’t in dire need of a big man either. If his off-court issues were resolved before the season ended, Blatche would still be on the Nets today and wouldn’t have traveled across the world to play in China.

Blatche still wears Brooklyn gear in many of his Instagram posts which shows his strong ties to the team.


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