Can the Mets Realistically Win 90 Games?

It appears we are having this discussion again. Last year, Mets GM Sandy Alderson caused a media frenzy when he said that he thought the Mets could win 90 games. He was mocked and those fans who don’t like Alderson jumped on the opportunity to make him look bad.

In reality, this quote was never supposed to be seen by the public. It was more of a goal than a prediction. But, this is New York. When New York gets a story, New York runs with it. Alderson found this out the hard way.

We are at it again this year. Both David Wright and Jacob deGrom think the Mets are contenders, which pretty much means high 80s-90 wins. Metsblog on also reported that Alderson thinks the Mets can improve by at least 10 wins, and maybe more. Some may still think this is crazy.

It’s true the Mets haven’t had a winning record since Citi Field opened, But this team also is different from the past few Mets we have seen. This team has flare, this team has youth, this team has style. And for once, the New York Mets seem to have some attitude.

We all know how Matt Harvey can be. He’s cocky, he’s a pain in the butt sometimes. He’s the type of guy opposing teams and fanbases hate. He’s good and he knows how good he is. Jenrry Mejia has flare. It gets people mad, even some Mets fans. Either you seem to love the “Mejia Stomp” or you seem to hate it (I for one am fine with it as long as he keeps saving games). He’s got that crazy hair, too.

Jacob deGrom’s hair is almost as famous as he is. And for whatever reason, baseball purists hate it. They say it’s disrespectful to the game and that he doesn’t look like a ballplayer. I consider myself a purist, but those people are annoying buzzkils. Either way, it’s another thing that causes some controversy.

Even Travis d’Arnaud and Jon Niese have a little bit of attitude in them, with Vic Black supplying some sass. The team is led and grounded by their calm-headed veteran leader David Wright. He, along with Daniel Murphy, Lucas Duda, Zack Wheeler, Curtis Granderson, and newcomer Michael Cuddyer, help level out the clubhouse.

All of these guys are coming together, with more to come. The Mets finally seem to be going in the right direction. This team is young, it’s fun, and most importantly it’s good. But the question remains: Can they win 90 games this year? I’m not so sure about that. I think somewhere in the low-to-mid 80s is a better guess.

I still think they are a piece or two away from 90. The pitching staff needs to develop a little more, and Harvey needs some time before fully bouncing back from Tommy John surgery.

The bullpen needs to prove it can repeat last years performance and improve upon it. And the lineup needs to step up. David Wright, Curtis Granderson, and Michael Cuddyer need to live up to their paychecks. Lucas Duda needs to be consistent and hit lefties, while Daniel Murphy and Wilmer Flores need as few balls hit to them as possible. This team is good. It’s just not quite ready yet.


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