Jarrett Jack: An Unlikely Hero

Brooklyn Nets fans watch games to see Joe Johnson put up threes, Deron Williams conduct the offense, Brook Lopez and Mason Plumlee to dominate in the paint, and to see an aging Kevin Garnett play in what could be his final season.

Jarrett Jack has become an unsung hero in Brooklyn, consistently contributing to the team every game. While not a high-octane, flashy player, Jarrett Jack has put together a solid season so far and is one of the Net’s most important players in their rotation.

Jack has played all 48 Nets games this season, a feat only matched by Mason Plumlee and Alan Anderson. A strong factor off the bench in the early months of the season, Jack has seen a lot of starting action in the absence of Deron Williams. Even in Williams return, Jack has continued to start and may do so throughout the rest of the season. Jack has been called upon night in and night out, and hasn’t missed a beat all season.

Many of Jack’s stats speak for themselves. He’s averaging 12.2 points per game, fourth on the team and the most he’s averaged since a 45 game stint with the then New Orleans Hornets in the 2011-2012 season. He’s also averaging 5.0 assists and 3.4 rebounds per game. While none of these numbers are particularly special, they definitely exemplify solid, consistent production from the 31-year old point guard.

The Nets acquired Jack fresh off a single digit scoring year with the Cleveland Cavaliers, but his output this year rivals his 2012-2013 campaign with the Golden State Warriors, a year where he was among the best bench players in the league.

Jack showed perhaps shown his most value in just the past few games. Fresh off a 35 point, double-overtime outburst in a loss to the Toronto Raptors, Jack sunk the game winning shot over DeAndre Jordan in the final seconds to lift the Nets to an improbable win over the Los Angeles Clippers. Even with Williams returning from a rib injury, Jack has averaged 38 minutes per game in the Nets two games this month, both wins.

Moving forward, the Nets will continue to play Jack in quality minutes every night. One intangible factor Jack brings to the team is flexibility. Coach Lionel Hollins now has a healthy Deron Williams at his disposal, and can basically interchange the two in the starting lineup or even have them play alongside each other.

Jack can continue to produce with the starting unit, or come off the bench to provide instant offense or on the court leadership as he runs the offense.

The Nets trade for Jarrett Jack following a season where as a backup to Kyrie Irving and eventual starter, wasn’t all that productive. Single digit scoring and the second lowest field goal percent of his career didn’t stop the Nets from making a move for him. And to this point, that move has paid off, as Jack has become one of the Nets most called upon players and adapts to whatever situation the Nets throw at him.


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