The Tanner Glass Situation

Tanner Glass’ free agency acquisition has been quite the head scratcher for New York Rangers’ General Manager Glen Sather. He brought him in on a three year, $4.5 million dollar deal, which is quite puzzling. Glass has always been a fourth line player, and to bring in a player of his caliber after losing two key pieces to a lethal fourth line centered by Dominic Moore was not the brightest move by the front office. 

Sure, he can kill penalties and play some mediocre defense, but what exactly is Tanner Glass’ role? So far, in thirty five games and being a constant healthy scratch, Glass has managed only one point fifty-six penalty minutes. Sure, he is not the type of player who you will expect to be on the score sheet every night, but his play is not doing anything to help the Rangers either.

He is also a minus thirteen on the season, which is the worst on the team. Obviously, being a fourth line player brings more a defensive mindset to the team, but how his plus/minus definitely shows his inept play in his own zone.

Glass is a hard nose, grinding player who will hit anyone in his path and try to create energy in the game. He will fight anyone he needs to in order to set the tone/momentum or stick up for a teammate. Plus, he brings in veteran experience, which is never a bad thing either. However, he does not seem to necessarily fit the lineup and type of game Alain Vigneault wants. Derek Dorsett, who we can say Glass replaced, was a much better fit last season. He killed penalties, had speed and skill, and sometimes even found the score sheet.

Of course, the Rangers have been known to lack size the past two seasons, but they make up for it with their speed and skill, which Glass does not have much of either. He is a great player grinder and teammate, but not doing much to help the Rangers.

If he is going to continue to be a constant in and out with J.T. Miller, it would be better to trade Glass or place him on waivers. Which would help the team, especially with cap space.


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