Cam Talbot: The Hero New York Needs

Cam Talbot is now the number one man for the New York Rangers now that Henrik Lundqvist is out for at least three weeks with a vascular injury. Since his inauguration into the league, Talbot has proved to be a fantastic backup to the all star goal tender, yet now he is called upon to take over at a vital time in the Rangers season; the second half push for the playoffs. 

Last season, Talbot played twenty one games and had a superb record of 21-6-4. Since his first game, he has proven that he belongs in the NHL. He tracks the puck so well and can read the play immediately to know where the puck will come from. In those twenty one games, he posted three shutouts and had a save percentage of .941.

During this season, Talbot has played thirteen games, and has a record of 5-5-4 with three shutouts. He has not seen much playing time this season, since the “King” has been on a roll, so it is understandable why his numbers are not as great as last years. However, now is his chance to take over and be the backbone of the team. He is strong in the net and comfortable playing against any team. He is a worthy net minder to take over in the absence of the league’s greatest goaltender.

It is no doubt that Cam Talbot, who is now twenty seven years old, has the ability and skill to become a starter in the National Hockey League. What better time to prove he has the caliber of a starting goaltender than to succeed Henrik Lundqvist in the time of need. The entire coaching staff and team have faith in the “Goalbuster,” but that does not always qualify as him playing well.

Talbot will need to shake off any nerves he has, and play his heart out every game. He wants to be a starter one day, and potentially will be the successor to Lundqvist in the future years, but right now, Cam needs to show that he has that capability. These next few weeks will be trying times for the Blueshirts and will help Talbot solidify his career.

There is no need for the front office to search for a rental goaltender, when Cam Talbot has been quietly waiting in the wings for his chance. This next month of the season will really show what the Rangers are capable of, and if they can survive, a well rested Lundqvist going into the post season will be dangerous for other teams. Cam Talbot is the hero New York needs right now, and he definitely will not let us down.


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