Luis Robles: The New Captain

For the past five seasons, the captain’s armband has belonged to Thierry Henry. He was the absolute leader of the club, guiding them to their first piece of silverware in the club’s history. Thierry Henry retired from the game entirely at the end of this past season, leaving the armband unoccupied.

In the past few preseason games, the armband has been sported by the goalkeeper, Luis Robles. It would seem that Robles will be sporting it during the regular season after sporting it in the preseason, and he deserves it.

Robles has been the most dedicated player to this club in the past few seasons. Before the kickoff of every match, he is the first one to address the supporters. The South-Ward scarf is displayed to the crowd, puts it in the net, and the game commences. In the past few months, the club has been on a very rocky road, but Robles has been a man of pure class during this mess.

At the “Town Hall” meeting where Ali Curtis tried to clear the air about his actions, Robles proved that to not just the fans that he deserves captaincy, but to the club’s management as well. He was up-front and very honest about his answers, and just showed a great sense of leadership at this event.

Robles was one the key players that got this team to where it got to last season. Robles had 171 shots come his way, making 111 saves for the club and only allowing 50 to get by him. The midfield fell apart in the early parts of the season, along with the back line.

If Robles wasn’t as good as he was, the New York Red Bulls season could’ve been an utter disaster for them. He was second in shots behind San Jose’s keeper Jon Busch, and tied for second in saves with the Crew’s Steve Clark in the regular season. Not exactly a brick wall, but he made so many crucial saves that kept the team in the game last season.

On top of that, his save against Seattle on September 20th was the 2014 MLS Save of the Year. Even in the interview with MLS after the save, he stated:

Every time I watch this, I notice how loud the fans are after that second save. I just want to say thank you for your support for the last two-and-a-half years. I hope I can continue to replicate that…

Robles is committed to this club and its fans. He wants to play for this club, he wants to lead it, and he can. He’s humble, he is completely self-less and deserves to wear the armband until his time at the club is up.


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