Interview: Phillip Dorsett, NFL Draft Prospect

As the NFL Draft approaches and the New York Giants having several glaring holes to fill, I got the opportunity to ask potential Giants draftee, Miami Hurricanes wide receiver Phillip Dorsett, a few questions. A dangerous vertical threat, Dorsett has other worldly speed and figures to be a Day two prospect for New York this spring.

Jack Aylmer (J.A.): You had some really great practices leading up to the Senior Bowl, how do you think that affected your draft status?

Phillip Dorsett (P.D.): Oh I think it affected it pretty well. I mean I went into the Senior Bowl basically just trying to do that.  I wanted to be one of the guys that could be at the top of the draft class. I mean I can do the dirty work, I can catch, I can run good routes, and basically just showing everything that everyone desires of a high-end receiver.

(J.A.): What made the University of Miami the right college fit for you over the other options you had? Was running track in college something that influenced your decision?

(P.D.): I mean, the University of Miami it was my dream school. It was just something that was always there, I mean I knew if I ever got the offer to go there I wanted to go. And of course I wanted to stay at home. I’m a big family guy too so I don’t think there was any other place for me.

(J.A.): Do you have any role models you have worked to emulate in your play?

(P.D.): Yeah, Santana Moss was my favorite receiver growing up; I always emulated my game after him when I thought of playing receiver. He’s just that type of guy where we have the same body strength, same build, and is an explosive guy like me so that’s the kind of guy you really want to look up to.

(J.A.): Which area do you think you can improve the most in regards to your skill set?

(P.D.): Well I’ll say going into the NFL you have to be able to get off press coverage a lot. I mean I was good at it in college but I know that is different when you get to the NFL, you got all the bigger corners so you always got to be able to beat press coverage.

(J.A.): Yeah there is a definitely a lot of press coverage in the NFL. That’s something that Odell Beckham Jr. said he could get much better in his second year in the NFL. Speaking of Beckham Jr. you’d be playing alongside him and Victor Cruz if you were to be drafted by the Giants, which one of those guys would you be more excited to play with?

(P.D.): Oh probably both of them, I’d be excited to play with both of them. I mean both of them do different things and I could be that last piece, vertically, in that offense. It would be great playing with them so you really can’t double cover anybody with those guys who can both make a play at any time.

(J.A.): Being a vertical threat receiver, how excited would you be to play in offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo’s West Coast scheme?

(P.D.): I mean it is great because I see them go to Odell a lot. I mean when you see one of those entertaining people who feeds off that you definitely want to be in an offense like that. Obviously Eli Manning is a great quarterback so it would be fun.

(J.A.): Have you had any communication with former Miami Hurricanes and current New York Giants, Antrel Rolle and Jon Beason?

(P.D.): Yeah, not much but I have talked to Antrel Rolle. He comes in the weight room every now and then so I’ve talked to him little bit.

(J.A.): Did you guys discuss anything about New York, what it’s like to be there?

(P.D.): We never really talked about playing in New York but he did say that they do need another receiver, another guy who can stretch the field vertically. Of course they lost Cruz, but we know he’ll be back so they need another threat that can stretch the field. You know we’re both from The U and he noticed my speed of course so we definitely talked about that.

(J.A.): How do you think you would handle playing in the bright lights of New York?

(P.D.): Oh I would handle it well. I’m not the type of guy that worries about whose watching when I play. I mean I play for my snaps. That’s really the only thing I care about when I’m playing so I’m good at blocking everything out and then just going out and playing because I love the game of football.

(J.A.): You told Mike Mayock you plan on running a 4.29 40 yard dash at the Draft Combine this year. That would rank as the sixth fastest in NFL history.

(P.D.): I mean anything under a 4.3. I’d like to go out their and just do that.

(J.A.): I would love to see that, that would be awesome.

(P.D.): Yeah, hopefully.

(J.A.): What do you think will be the greatest challenge in transitioning from college football to the NFL?

(P.D.): The speed of the game at first is always a huge difference when you got guys who have been playing for a couple of years. But aside from the speed of the game, once you get acclimated to that, it’ll get good from there.

(J.A.): Alright, last question for you. What do you think you can you bring to the New York Giants off the field?

(P.D.): Off the field, I mean I’ve always been a great guy when it comes to leading by example but when I have to step up and lead with my voice I can do that. I’m a big guy when it comes to community service and stuff like that I mean I pretty much do whatever’s asked, it doesn’t really matter to me I’m a team guy I don’t put myself first.

(J.A.): That’s great to hear, it was great talking to you Phillip, and I wish you the best of luck in the draft this year.

(P.D.): Thank you.

*Stay tuned for some upcoming interviews with other New York Giants draft prospects Missouri DE Shane Ray (Projected Rd 1, Top 10), Miami MLB Denzel Perryman (Projected Rd 2), FSU OL Tre Jackson (Projected Rd 2-3), and FSU OL Bobby Hart (Projected Rd 3-4)


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