Brett Jones Officially Signs With Giants

Canadian Football League star Brett Jones has signed with the New York Giants today, after days of negotiation.

Jones has dominated the league in his two seasons, winning rookie of the year in 2013, and lineman of the year in 2014.

Jones played center this past season, but did play guard as well back in college at Regina.

Jones is 6’2 and 318 pounds, and has received excellent praise in the CFL for his skills, and smarts on the field.

“He has the mind of an offensive coordinator, he knows what’s going on with the quarterback, the receivers, he knows formations, he knows coverages on defenses, he’s like the quarterback of the offensive line, and I think that’s what kind of separates him apart from some other players,” said Billy Peach, an offensive lineman and former teammate of Jones on the Calgary Stampeders.

Jones joins Weston Richburg and JD Walton as the teams center, however, Walton is expected to be a cap causality.

Jones has all the potential in the world, but he is a bit undersized for the NFL so it’s unclear whether or not he can make an impact.

Contract details are still unknown, but it’s likely a cheap contract making it a low risk, high reward type of deal.


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