Interview: Dash Winningham, Mets Prospect

Earlier in the week I interviewed Mets prospect Dash Winningham, their 8th round pick in the draft last year. Along with having one of the best names in baseball history, Winningham hit the most home runs in the Gulf Coast League (GCL) by a New York Mets prospect since 2008 (5). He’s a power-hitting first baseman, who had several private workouts with the Mets before they drafted him. It was clear that they were very interested from the start.

A Florida native, Dash discussed his experiences so far in playing professionally, his off-field interests, and some of his hopes for the future.

Jack Campbell (J.C): You’re from Florida. Were you a Rays or Marlins fan growing up? Or was there another team you followed?

Dash Winningham (D.W): Honestly, my team growing up was St. Louis, but I was more of a Rays fan than a Marlins fan. I’ve been to quite a few Rays games.

J.C: Nice. Is there a specific player you grew up watching that you try to model your game after? 

D.W: I always looked up to Big Papi (David Ortiz) growing up, he’s the man.

J.C: Sweet. What kind of stuff do you do off the field?

D.W: I hangout with my friends and workout for the most part. I might play a pick-up game of football or something every once in a while haha.

J.C: Sounds fun! Now, most 8th round picks don’t make the majors. What do you plan on doing to separate yourself from the pack?

D.W: Just have fun, relax, and play the game hard and play with confidence. Always work hard and prepare yourself each and every day. I can only control what I can do. If I am successful, everything will take care of itself.

J.C: Sounds like a good plan. When you do reach the majors, is there a specific number that you want to wear?

D.W: #34

J.C: Cool. I’m sure this sounds like a pretty vague question, but what was it like getting drafted?

D.W: It was awesome, a day that I’ll never forget. It’s something special that not a lot of kids get. I’m blessed to be a Met and I’m looking forward to bringing back home a World Series when I get up there!

J.C: That’s awesome! Exactly what Mets fans like to hear. Now, who called you to tell you that you’d been drafted?

D.W: John Updike, Mets area scout for Central Florida.

J.C: Cool. Last year, you hit the most homers by a Mets prospect in the GCL since 2008. What did that first pro homer feel like?

D.W: It felt great. It was pretty early in the season, so I felt really good. It felt like I was adjusting to the pitchers better after struggling the first few games.

J.C: Awesome. Now, lastly, is there anything you would like to say to all the Mets fans out there?

D.W: Big things are to come from me and the whole organization. The orange and blue is on the rise and will be on top very soon! LGM (Lets Go Mets)

On behalf of New York Sports Hub I would like to give a big thanks to Dash Winningham for taking the time to do this interview. He seems like a great guy, who, at only nineteen, has a lot of potential. I think I speak for Mets fans everywhere, when I say that I hope Winningham has a long, successful career, hitting lots of home runs in Queens.


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