Stephen Curry Wins Three Point Shootout

One of the most highly anticipated three point shootouts of all time has finished, and it did not fail to disappoint. One half of the feared Splash Brothers duo, Stephen Curry, took home the title, edging out the other half of the duo, Klay Thompson. Kyrie Irving came in third.

The competition started off with a bang, as Portland Trail Blazer sharpshooter Wesley Matthews came out scorching, putting up 22 points. In years past, that would bring him into the championship round, but this year was different. The field was that deep.

Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Kyrie Irving would be the three to advance. They all were astounding, each surpassing Matthews mark of 22. Kyle Korver was a bit of a disappointment, as the league leader in 3 point percentage and made threes came in 5th with 18 points. The standings shook out as follows for the first round.

1. Klay Thompson- 24 points
2. Stephen Curry- 23 points
3. Kyrie Irving- 23 points
4. Wesley Matthews- 22 points
5. Kyle Korver- 18 points
6. Marco Belinelli- 18 points
7. JJ Reddick- 17 points
8. James Harden- 15 points

In the finals, Kyrie Irving went first and put up 17 points. After him was Stephen Curry, who went absolutely nuts. He put up 27 out of a possible 34 points, going on a stretch where he hit 13 straight shots, and 20 out of 25 total. Klay Thompson didn’t even come close, only putting up 14 points.

Stephen Curry has been having an MVP caliber season, and this showing just brings the point home that Curry could very well be the greatest shooter in NBA history.


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