Interview: Bobby Hart, NFL Draft Prospect

Florida State offensive lineman Bobby Hart enters the 2015 Draft this year after a stellar four-year collegiate career with the Seminoles. Having been in the rotation since starting as a true freshman for the ‘Noles, Hart comes to the pro ranks with a wealth of experience and accolades. At 6’4″ and 315 lbs, the former BCS National Champion figures to be a day two or three prospect in the upcoming draft.

Jack Aylmer (J.A.): Coming out of high school you were a five-star recruit and arguably the best offensive line prospect in the nation. What made Florida State your choice?

Bobby Hart (B.H.): Just the atmosphere… Jimbo [Fisher] really preached that we were going to get back on top and win a championship so it just really made me want to go there.

(J.A.): How did it feel to win a National Championship in 2013?

(B.H.): It felt great just to have all of our hard work rewarded at the end of the season.

(J.A.): You started 9 games at just 17 years old during your freshman season. Do you believe that experience will help at all during your transition to the NFL?

(B.H.): Just being able to understand what was going on at a young age and really get my feet wet really sped up my future so it really helped in a great way.

(J.A.): Your sophomore season didn’t go as well, FSU offensive line coach, Rick Trickett, demoted you to a backup. How did that experience helped you mature as a player?

(B.H.): Just helping to let me know that the world wasn’t at my hands made me just go that much harder to achieve my goals. Just knowing that I really had to work for everything and that everything wouldn’t be just given to me.

(J.A.): Last season the coaching staff shuffled around the offensive line and it really paid off for you guys in the run and pass game. What about the new lineup do you think made the greatest impact?

(B.H.): Just getting the most out of the people on the field. Before Cam [Erving] was at center, we had about 4 yards a carry and then it jumped up to like 6 so it just shows you what a difference it made. Just knowing the athlete and player that Cam is… it just really made a difference.

(J.A.): What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses as an offensive lineman?

(B.H.): Just being smart, being able to anticipate things, run blocking, understanding defenses and stuff like that. And as far as weaknesses, probably moving my feet through contact in the pass game.

(J.A.): Are you better suited for the guard or tackle position in the NFL?

(B.H.): I really think I can play both.

(J.A.): Do you have any role models you work to emulate in your play?

(B.H.): Walter Jones.

(J.A.): What do you think will be the greatest adjustment from college to the NFL?

(B.H.): Just being able to understand things, defensive schemes, and just being willing to learn. I just got to be humble and driven; not being like a high prospect gives me an extra motivation to want to achieve my goals even harder.

(J.A.): The New York Giants are in the midst of a rebuild of their offensive line. What could you bring to that situation that other lineman prospects in the draft cannot?

(B.H.): Being smart, being able to understand things and defenses. I’ve got great anticipation off the line, I’m hardworking, and just bringing all the stuff I learned at FSU from Coach Trickett will really help. Just bringing the Giants back to the days when they were going to the Super Bowl and things like that. Just helping them be the best [team] in the sport.

(J.A.): You’ve had trouble against speed rushers in the past, namely Auburn’s Dee Ford in the 2013 National Championship game. With guys like Washington Redskin Ryan Kerrigan and Philadelphia Eagle Connor Barwin in the NFC East, what steps will you take to be ready to face those guys twice a year?

(B.H.): Just working with the coaches and listening to the tips that they give me. Working around All-Pro guys everyday and really listening to those type of guys and translating it to the field and I feel like I’ll be alright.

(J.A.): Draft analyst Lance Zierlein recently compared Jameis Winston’s on field play to that of Giant’s quarterback Eli Manning’s. What kind of quarterback is Winston and do you think there is any merit to that comparison?

(B.H.): I wouldn’t consider myself an analyst so I don’t really want to get into that and compare those two. I just know that Jameis is a great player and a great person.

(J.A.): What do you think you could bring to the Giants off the field?

(B.H.): Somebody that would never embarrass the program, the team, the business. Just a hardworking guy within the community and a person you would never see acting badly in the public eye. Just a guy who, whenever you see him or associate him with the Giants, they’ll always have a good opinion.

(J.A.): Alright that’s great to hear Bobby. Best of luck in the draft this year.

(B.H.): Alright, thank you.


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