No One Wants to Come to New York?

The New York Knicks are not only having the worst season in franchise history, but one of the worst records in the 69 year history of the NBA. If the Knicks continue their current form (win percentage of 0.185), they will have 14th worst record in NBA history.

The Knicks are currently sitting on the bottom of the NBA ladder with a record of 10 wins and 45 losses. The Minnesota Timberwolves sit two games ahead of New York.

To begin the season I, and most fans, did not expect the Knicks be sitting in last place with just 10 wins. I did not expect them to lose 10 straight games, let alone 16. I did not expect Iman Shumpert and J.R. Smith to be traded for next to nothing. I did not expect Amar’e Stoudemire to be waived half way through the season. I did not expect Carmelo Anthony to go under the knife.

With New York experiencing an absolute nightmare of a season, many believe that little to no big-name free agents will make the jump to Manhattan. They stay strong with their belief despite the Knicks having a considerable amount of money to spend. Despite New York having what is most likely a top-five pick. Despite, what will most likely be, a fully healthy Carmelo Anthony. Despite having arguably the smartest man in basketball running the show. Despite the appeal of New York City and the Mecca of Basketball; Madison Square Garden.

Yahoo Sports
Yahoo! Sports

The Knicks are a team that looks confused and overwhelmed out on the basketball court. With Carmelo Anthony being out it makes a bad situation even worse.

The harsh truth is that the Knicks play a slow and an extremely boring brand of basketball. New York struggles to score and they practically roll out the red carpet to the rim.

Despite all of this, the New York Knicks and their fans fill up Madison Square Garden night in and night out. People say that nobody wants to join the Knicks. That is just not true.

Hoops Hype
Hoops Hype

Goran Dragic who was recently traded to Miami Heat, listed New York as a desired destination. And a destination where he would re-sign on a long-term, multi-million dollar contract. Dragic said this when the Knicks had a record of 10-43. Although it is almost guaranteed that LaMarcus Aldridge will re-sign with the Trail Blazers, he flirted with the idea of coming to New York. Aldridge noted that the Garden is truly the world’s most famous arena and that the fans that fill it up are some of the best globally.

Although his team is unsuccessful (but not the extent of the Knicks), Tobias Harris, a native New Yorker, wants to return home and to not only play for his childhood team but to win a championship with them. Orlando is on the up, they have much young talent mixed with veterans who are leaders. Despite all this Harris still wants to come home.

As you can see, two All-Star caliber players wouldn’t mind relocating to New York. A young, talented and up and coming player wants to make his childhood ambitions come true.

In the NBA you have people on both ends on the scale. Some want to win and be successful but others want to pocket as much cash as they can before their time runs out.

New York Daily News
New York Daily News

The future success of New York is unknown, this season is a perfect example, but they still have enough bait (money) to bring in solid players who can fit seamlessly into the Knicks plans. There is no doubt that money will draw in some free agents, not all but a fair portion.

New York and Madison Square Garden is center stage, players do want to experience what it is like to be under the bright lights of the city.

Right now the Knicks sit just $2 million over the cap, that margin will continue to shrink as New York only has four players under contract next season.

A fully healthy Carmelo Anthony, what is soon to be a top-five draft pick, an abundance of cash and the fact that it is New York City, the biggest stage in the world, is more than enough to reel in quality free agents. Not only in 2015 free agency but in 2016 as well.

The fact that three high quality players desire to spend some time in New York with the Knicks means only good things going forward. Just remember that they are saying this while the Knicks are 10-45.


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