76ers Claim Thomas Robinson Off Waivers

The reports of PF Thomas Robinson signing with the Brooklyn Nets appear to have been premature, as the Philadelphia 76ers have made a last-minute claim on the young big man out of Kansas.

The Nets reportedly agreed in principle to sign PF Thomas Robinson to a 10-day contract, assuming he cleared waivers. That appears not to be the case as the 76ers have claimed Robinson in his final minutes of availability on the waiver wire.

Robinson wasn’t expected to overhaul the Nets game-plan this season, but his signing initially seemed like a solid move for this season moving forward. The 76ers claim leaves the Nets again with one open roster spot, to be filled possibly by Andray Blatche, or possibly another veteran.

For the 76ers, the move was actually about getting to the league’s minimum salary floor. A team full of young, inexpensive¬†players, Robinson’s $3.6 million cap hit pushes the 76ers over the league mandated minimum salary allowed.

However Robinson’s fate is not guaranteed with the 76ers.

Due to the fact the 76ers have now hit the salary cap floor, they could end waiving Robinson allowing Brooklyn to claim him.

This move can also be seen as a possible divisional rivalry sabotage, as the 76ers have blocked the Nets from adding a solid player.

Lastly, this move is interesting from Robinson’s standpoint. Does he refuse to report to Philadelphia, ala former Net Andrei Kirilenko? That decision could be costly, as Robinson is looking to prove his worth and sign a new contract this summer. Robinson will likely have to play out his time with an abysmal 76ers team to prove his is still worth the investment of an NBA contract next year.



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