Alex Rodriguez Is Not Forgiven

Alex Rodriguez. Believe it or not, he was once hailed as the “Savior of the home run”. He was on pace to break Barry Bonds’ home run record of 756, reclaiming the spot for somebody who did it fairly. He had not taken steroids, and did things on the field the right way, unlike Bonds, the steroid user.

Well, that seems like ages ago now. First in 2009, Rodriguez was accused, and eventually admitted, to using steroids as a member of the Seattle Mariners and Texas Rangers.

His excuse then was he was young and stupid. He couldn’t handle the pressure and the sky high expectations the fans had for him, so he made poor choices. He didn’t realize exactly what he was getting into, and once he did, he stopped. Rodriguez apologized and promised to not do it again.

Well, what happened this time then?

Despite his promise, Rodriguez yet again let all Yankee fans down, being linked to the 2013 biogenesis scandal. Not only did he again take steroids, but this time lead to an embarrassing legal battle for the Yankees and the MLB.

Early reports indicated that Rodriguez paid the Miami clinic to withhold documents linking him to the scandal, and he also bought out some documents that could have been used as evidence.

“Sources said Bosch informed Rodriguez that Fischer was threatening to expose the operation, and Rodriguez gave Bosch at least $4,000 “to make it go away.”

The saga would not end here though. He continued to vehemently deny using the steroids, most notably on the Mike Francessa show. 

That was not the first time he lied to his loyal fans either.

So he not only lied like players such as Roger Clemens and Mark McGwire (who also have not been forgiven by most), but he also paid large sums of money to conceal the truth.

Not only that, but he dragged out the fiasco even longer. He sued the MLB, sued the Yankees, and sued his doctors. After all of that, he got sued by his lawyers for reportedly refusing to pay his legal fees, upwards of 380 thousand dollars.


Rodriguez, then when faced by the law, completely spilled everything in front of the DEA. A-Rod, one who clearly loves his fans after flirting with two females in the middle of a playoff game in 2012, betrayed us all. He lied to us on multiple occasions, and instead of having a press conference where he could talk to everyone face to face and answer questions, he took the easy way and wrote a letter to apoligize.. No questions asked. No face to face, sincere apology.

If he had just admitted to his mistakes from the start back in 2009 and hadn’t made them again, he wouldn’t be in this situation. If he decided to not sue everyone in sight and make a laughingstock of himself, maybe his apology would be accepted. He had to hide the evidence, paying large sums of money to do so, and rat out his cousin. Maybe if he was flat out with it and learned from his mistakes, all his loyal Yankee fans would accept his letter.

Unfortunately for him though, it’s too late now and Alex Rodriguez’s reputation is forever tarnished.


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