What Can Alexey Shved Do For New York?

The New York Knicks shipped veteran guard Pablo Prigioni to the Houston Rockets in exchange for Alexey Shved and two future second-round picks. New York is Shved’s third team this season. He began the season with the Philadelphia 76ers before being dealt to the Houston Rockets and then onto New York.

Shved, now 26, made the jump from Russia to the United States signing with the Timberwolves prior to the 2012-13 season. He is now in his third year in the NBA.

Before making the jump across the Atlantic Ocean, Shved was apart of the CSKA Moscow team that won the 2008 Eurolegaue title. He was considered a big name over there and Shved was a key factor for Moscow to win the 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2012 Russian National Championship. At the 2012 London Oympic Games, Shved was the starting point guard on the Russian team which claimed the bronze medal.

Shved has so far in his NBA career only played for small-market teams who draw mediocre attendance. New York is his first chance to play under the brightest lights and for a crowd that continues to sell out despite the poor play. Derek Fisher stated yesterday that they traded for Shved because he and Jackson believe that the Russian national is a nice fit for Tex Winter’s triangle offense.

Shved is probably a no-name to many fans and many may not know what he can bring to the Knicks for their remaining 25 games. Here’s what Shved can do.


Shved’s career numbers are as follows; 6.7 points, 2.4 assists and 1.7 rebounds on 36% shooting from the field, 30% from long range and 76% from the line.

Offensive End

Offensively Shved is a combo guard, he can run the point or play as the off guard. Shved can also do it with two different play styles as well. Although his number may not show it, the 26 year-old can flat out shoot the ball and Shved surprises most with his athletic ability. He’s a white guy that CAN jump.

Shved is able to shoot mid-range and three point jump-shots off the dribble as well as in catch and shoot situations. Shved and his athletic ability allows for him to blow by his defender for an easy score at the rim. When playing off ball Shved in a solid slasher and he can, by all means, throw it down with force.

One area in which he struggles is passing and moving the ball. Shved is a scorer and that’s exactly what he aims to do when out on the court. Passing is not his natural tendency. Shved struggles to find consistency, he’s on some nights and completely off on others. His jump-shooting ability as a whole is hit and miss. The one irritating aspect of his game, from a fans point of view, is his shot selection. Shved has a tendency to just fire at will, both jump-shots and forced drives to the hoop which end up, like last night, over the backboard.

The Epooch TimesDefensive End

In all honesty, Shved is a nightmare defensively. Due to his time overseas Shved has been accustomed to play an up-and-down, run-and-gun game style. Shved has poor footwork defensively and his stance is all over the shop. Shved’s opponent, on a regular basis, blows right by him. Shved lays out the red carpet toward the rim. Like so many Knicks players before him, Shved take a nice long nap when defending off ball.

One area where Shved can help out on the defensive is on the boards. He stands at 6’6 and often attacks both the offensive and defensive glass. Like his teammate, Langston Galloway, Shved hangs around the free throw line and the painted area grabbing the long rebounds.

For his size and position, the Russian has a fairly good leaping ability and when given the opportunity to block a shot Shved volleyball swats it.

The Knicks have 25 games remaining. A majority of the current roster become free agents as of 1st July, 2015. Shved is, in no doubt, playing for a second contract in the NBA. New York can also use this time to emulate Shved, figuring out whether he is apart of the Knicks future. Shved is a scorer offensively and his defense needs work.


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