The Clutch Gene: Langston Galloway

When Carmelo Anthony was declared out for the season, the New York Knicks had officially lost their go to guy at the end of games. Anthony had the second highest average of points in the fourth quarter per game with 7.1 points, trailing only Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat.

Since he has gone down, a new threat has arisen, Langston Galloway. The Westchester Knicks product, has thrived in the same situations as the superstar Anthony.

Galloway is a phenomenal 6-10 from three point range in clutch situations, compared to Carmelo Anthony who is 6-16 on the season. Clutch situations are defined as shots taken with under one minute left in a single possession game.

Galloway has three shots that stand out above the rest, as all three directly lead to a Knicks victory (which are incredibly rare).

This one tied the game for New York, eventually sending it into overtime. It was an incredibly difficult shot that Galloway still somehow made.

This one sealed the deal for the Knicks in a sloppy ending. Galloway was shooting 1-5 previous to this shot, so the fact he could rebound from that and make this one shows his resiliency and poise in the fourth quarter.

This one was a beautiful play. After Jason Smith had his shot blocked in the paint, Galloway showed amazing effort by running and tracking the ball down and then sinking the near impossible fadeaway corner three to seal the deal against the relatively hapless Philadelphia 76ers.

Galloway has done more than any Knicks fan could have hoped for in his 24 games since being called up from the teams’ D-League affiliate. His poise in the fourth quarter is an exceptional trait, especially in such a young player.


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