Looking at the Nets’ Playoff Chances

The fight for the East’s 7 and 8 seeds is heating up. The Miami Heat, Indiana Pacers, Detroit Pistons, Boston Celtics, Charlotte Hornets and Brooklyn Nets all are competing for two playoff spots.

The eight seed will likely face off against the Atlanta Hawks, and the seventh seed team could play against the Toronto Raptors, Cleveland Cavaliers or Chicago Bulls.

Between the seventh seed Miami and twelfth seed Detroit there is only three games separating these teams so this will be an intense race up until April 15 when the regular season concludes. Of course, with a losing streak any team could lose chances to get into the bottom two slots, an injury to a key player could cut off their chances completely but as things stand, the Nets are relatively healthy right now, so what are Brooklyn chances of making the Playoffs?

Right now the Nets are in the midst of a four game home stand, then a four game road trip where they will play in Miami in a direct clash for the playoffs. Later they will play the Philadelphia 76ers and Minnesota Timberwolves which are almost must-win games and then in Cleveland where they will be hoping for an upset against LeBron James and co. After that, there are no significant home stands or road trips (significant being 4+ games) and key dates/games will be:

March 4, home game vs. Charlotte Hornets
March 11, away game vs. Miami Heat
March 21, away game vs. Indiana Pacers
March 23, home game vs. Boston Celtics
March 25, away game vs. Charlotte Hornets
March 31, home game vs. Indiana Pacers

If Brooklyn wins all their games vs. under-.500 teams such as Orlando Magic (April 15, home), Philadelphia 76ers (March 14, away), New York Knicks (April 1, away), Utah Jazz (March 8, home), aforementioned Timberwolves (March 16, away), and the Los Angeles Lakers (March 29, home), plus win at least three or four from 13 games against above-.500 teams, they can count on one of those places and a matchup probably with Atlanta, a team against which they played two times already and lost twice.

The road will be tough for Brooklyn’s road to the playoffs, but it is feasible if they win their games against sub-.500 teams and manage to upset a few solid teams.


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