Why Wright Deserves Benefit of the Doubt

David Wright is one of the greatest players in New York Mets history. This is a fact. He first in almost every offensive category for his career, and has made the All-Star Game in every year since 2006, except two (2011 and 2014). He has been an anchor at third base, a historically weak position in team history. He is one of the most respected players in baseball, and is overall a really good guy.

Then so why do so many fans hate him?

I will never completely understand why. There are plenty of reasons they give, but none of them make much sense. Some blame him for Jose Reyes leaving. I don’t know how he could’ve done anything to prevent that, so I don’t see how that’s an issue. Some say that Reyes should’ve gotten the money Wright got. But, he didn’t, so they need to get over it. That’s a decision made by ownership and Sandy Alderson, and it’s one I completely agree with. Also, I doubt that the Mets physically had the money when Reyes hit Free Agency.

Some complain about Wright’s injuries. Yes, they’ve been an issue. But let’s go back to Reyes for one more second. Reyes came up over a year before Wright, yet Wright has played 62 more games than Reyes in his career. But enough with Reyes, he has been gone for three years, right?

Some say Wright is not ‘clutch’ enough. I do have to ask, for a team that has been among the worst in baseball for five years, how many really ‘clutch’ moments has he had? None, of any real significance, that is. Some say he’s not a ‘good enough’ Captain, that he needs to speak out against ownership, or some other nonsense. A good Captain leads in the clubhouse, and is well-respected and liked by teammates. Nothing bad about Wright has ever come out of that clubhouse.

Remember when all the Mets shaved their heads a while back (they stilled played at Shea)? Yeah, that was all Wright. And on ownership, please stop it. Just end the conversation. The Wilpons are his employers, his bosses. Are you saying that you would speak out against your own bosses who make you a multi-millionaire because of what some fans who don’t know what’s really going on say so? Yeah, I thought so.’


Lastly, let’s put to rest all the ‘Wright isn’t that good’ garbage. He is one of the best third baseman in baseball, and still should be considered one of the best players in the game. I get it, he had a really bad year. But are we supposed to just ignore his entire career before that? How about 2012 and 2013, the two years before, when he was one of the best players in baseball. Don’t believe me? Look at the actual numbers. I get it, he didn’t hit 30 home runs. Not many players do anymore. That’s just not Wright’s style.

He plays Gold Glove Third Base, is a really good guy, and puts everything into the game. This is the guy who committed to a perennial terrible franchise, taking a $138 Million contract when he would’ve gotten $200 Million on the open market. Yeah, look at the contracts being given out now, and look at his numbers. He would’ve gotten that much.

The fact that an article has to be written to defend Wright, is sad. I get it’s New York, but this guy deserves the benefit of the doubt. He’s gone through rough patches before and gotten through it every time. I don’t want to hear about Jose Reyes, or how much money Wright’s making, or injuries anymore. This guy is the face of the franchise. He is our star.

Instead of hating on him and ripping him apart, let’s rally behind our Captain. This is the guy who’s going to lead us to being the kings of New York. I hate comparing ourselves to Yankee fans, but when Derek Jeter struggled did they ever turn on him? Wright is going to have his No. 5 hanging on the left field wall one day. Let’s treat him like it.


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