Will Jon Beason be a Cap Casualty?


Based on Jon Beason’s current contract he is due a $1 million roster bonus if he remains on the roster as of March 15th. Is Beason worth that roster bonus after re-injuring a toe that he originally injured during training camp causing him to play in only four games last season before being put on injured reserve for the rest of the year?

The New York Giants in my opinion only have two options in regards to Jon Beason and his contract, either he restructures his contract to make it more cap friendly for this season, say a contract that’s mostly based on incentives. The second option is the New York Giants part ways with him with having the possibility of re-signing him if no other team signs him in free agency at a reduced contract. His current contract will have a $7
million dollar cap hit for 2015 and that greatly outweighs his on field performance, age and durability at this point in his career.

Now the logical thing to do for both parties  would be for Beason to just take a pay cut and the Giants to either draft a middle linebacker (In the early rounds of the draft lets say second round Paul Dawson from TCU for example) or sign one in free agency just in case Beason cannot make it through a 16 game stretch.

The perfect scenario would be if the Giants could do both, sign a free agent has insurance for Beason and draft a true middle linebacker in the draft  (Paul Dawson out of TCU or Denzel Perryman out of Miami) to study under Beason. Now some Giants fans might say well that’s just too many middle linebackers on the team, and to that I will say it’s not a matter of if but when Jon Beason will get hurt this season and you need to protect your team against that happening.

Jameel McClain did replace Beason in the lineup and that would be an option but he is more suited to play outside linebacker. I think he is a rotational guy at this point and he was supposed to be just that before Beason got hurt and he had to move over. The original lineup during training camp was to have Devon Kennard play the “SAM” Jacquain Williams to play the “WILL” and Jon Beason to play the “MIKE”

When it all comes down to it I think Beason will restructure his contract and take a pay cut. He will come to the realization that there really isn’t a market for a player with his background (injuries, age and he’s only played in 24 games in the past four seasons) If Beason wants to still play in the NFL in 2015 he will do what’s right for himself and the Giants. Plus he will be the perfect person to groom his eventual replacement at the middle linebacker position potentially either Paul Dawson or Denzel Perryman


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