Cam Talbot’s Importance Down the Stretch

As the NHL season is quickly coming to an end (April 15), the Rangers are still without their starting goaltender, Henrik Lundqvist. Since suffering a vascular injury, Cam Talbot has taken over his crease, and has certainly got the job done. Since February 4, the Rangers are 10-2-3, and have been going back and forth with the New York Islanders for first place in the Metropolitan division. Given his struggles in net, the Rangers have helped out their goaltender by scoring goals and playing spectacular defense in order to find ways to win.In twenty five games this season, Talbot is 13-6-4 with four shutouts. Since becoming the starter, Talbot has been under criticism for letting in a lot of goals, especially weak ones. At times, he has looked overwhelmed and flustered in net, realizing that being an everyday goaltender in this league is not as easy as Lundqvist makes it look.

However, these past two game have shown a different kind of Cam Talbot, the one Ranger fans are used to seeing. He seems a lot more calm and collective in his net and finally settling into his role as a starter. Which is good news, because the Rangers training staff are still not giving an exact answer of when Lundqvist can return .

When he was struggling and letting in over three goals a game, and presently, the team is getting great bounces and pucks are going into the net. This has greatly helped Talbot and his confidence. The team knows they need to be better defensively in order to help their net minder.

Despite some questionable goals, Talbot has proven himself over and over again. He is a battler in net and will give his team a chance to win every night. He will certainly be carrying the load for the Blueshirts the longer Henrik is out, which makes his great play even more crucial. The Rangers are bouncing back and forth for first place with the Islanders, and are only six points behind the Anaheim Ducks for first overall in the entire league.

Talbot has certainly done his job with Lundqvist being out so long and can only continue to improve every game. There are no signs of fatigue for the twenty seven year old goaltender. The Rangers are so close to their ultimate goal and Cam “the Prince” Talbot has supported them with big time saves in order to help keep the team win. With so little time left in the season, every point earned becomes more valuable and with Talbot in net, the Rangers are confident enough to know they are the better team each night.


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