LeSean McCoy Gone? Giants Fans, Rejoice!

The football world was shocked on Tuesday when it was reported that RB LeSean Mccoy of the Philadelphia Eagles was traded to the Buffalo Bills for LB Kiko Alonso. While the trade is not complete yet, it has been reported that it is a done deal and will be official on Monday. This trade should have all Giants fans across the country jumping for joy as they no longer have to deal with him.

McCoy has always been a killer to the Giants defense and the past season was no different. In the Week 6 matchup against the Giants he put up a solid 149 yards on 22 attempts with no touchdowns. This was the most yards the Giants defense would give up all year against any running back. The shifty McCoy wore down the Giants defense with ease year after year which made games extremely frustrating to watch.

Out of the 6,792 yards McCoy has gained throughout his career, 1,036 of those yards came against the Giants. That is a hefty amount of yards given up to a player that has only been a full time starter in the league for five years. McCoy has been one of the most talented running backs that the Giants have played since 2009 and it made matters worse that they had to play him twice a year.

McCoy’s skill set had the Giants missing tackles and whiffing on big hits for years. The Giants have been apart of some embarrassing plays against McCoy, one includes giving up a 50 yard touchdown on 4th and 1:

And an highly embarrassing juke that lead to an Eagles win:

With McCoy soon departing, the Giants will have one less threat to worry about going into the offseason… for now. This trade has many wondering what Chip Kelly has up his sleeve in terms of the cap room he just cleared by trading McCoy and a few players. But until then, the only running backs the Eagles currently have on the roster is an aging Darren Sproles and an oft injured Chris Polk. This should be a great relief for the Giants and their defense.

The days of fearing of “What is McCoy going to do today?” are over and this should make every Giants fan happy. For now, this helps the Giants in their chances of making a run at the NFC East title. The Eagles obviously lost one of the most talented guys in the league for a young linebacker coming off an ACL injury.

Again, I would keep this happiness to a certain level as obviously no one knows what will happen once free agency and the draft rolls around. All that we know is that Eagles are a team that will look completely different next season without McCoy.

In the end, McCoy is gone and now a certain other New York team will have to deal with him. Check out Jets staff writer, Billy Sakmann, surprising take on the McCoy trade and what it means to the Jets. All that should be said to the Jets is, good luck.


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