The Knicks Should Fire Derek Fisher

It’s clear that after 17 seasons in the NBA, Derek Fisher is not ready to be a head coach. So far he has a record of just 12 wins and a woeful 48 loses. The New York Knicks have had, so far this season, an eight, a nine, a ten and a sixteen game losing streak. Can it get any worse? Yes, with 22 games remaining it is quite possible that things could slide even further downhill.

After being bounced from the playoffs courtesy of the San Antonio Spurs as a member of the Oklahoma City Thunder, Derek Fisher was hired as the New York Knicks head coach on the 10th of June, 2014. Fisher took the reigns from the beginning by electing to coach the Knicks during the summer league in Las Vegas.

The original concept in hiring Derek Fisher was that he would be Phil Jackson’s puppet. Fisher has been the puppet in running the triangle but the gene of winning has not been carried through to the next generation.

Derek Fisher is preaching defense but as we all well know, the Knicks play no defense whatsoever. It is a foreign concept to many current players on the roster. New York is also running the triangle offensively, which is designed to score frequently. New York is doing quite the opposite, as the Knicks sit second to last in total points per page with just 92.7. Running a slow, half-court game is not suited to the talent, if their is any, on the Knicks roster. The Knicks are doing the complete opposite of what Derek Fisher wants.

The Knicks are failing hopelessly on both ends of the court and have being doing so for 60 games and Fisher has not a changed a thing.

New York opens up poorly and slowly to begin the game and the second half which results in a quick time out. I have not even once seen Derek Fisher angry or upset, he just try’s to calm them down like a bunch of 12 year olds. Fisher doesn’t light a fire, he doesn’t ignite the team. Showing some heart and passion might a probably would light something inside of the players. Fisher fails to motivate his players, they are constantly flat, quiet and quite honestly, boring to watch.

New York plays terrible basketball on very consistent basis and Fisher has been able to do exactly nothing to change that. It’s been clear from the outset that the triangle is a misfit in New York. It’s also been transparent that the Knicks suffer on the defensive end. Despite the same situation occurring from game to game nothing has been done to change that.

Derek Fisher and his refusal to change is a detriment to this team. The Knicks strengths do not sit on the defensive nor do they sit in a slow half-court set. The Knicks are suited to playing a fast-tempo, up-and-down game style. Fisher has failed to motivate his players as well as being unable to ignite and light a fire in his players belly.

The remainder of this year should be used in an attempt to find out what sets work offensively and which concepts are successful on the defensive end, not playing the same failing basketball of the past 60 games. It’s crystal clear that Derek Fisher and his temperament are not suited for the Knicks organization.

The New York Knicks had aspirations to make the playoffs, they now have aspirations to land the #1 overall pick in this years draft.


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