New York Red Bulls: A Quick Season Preview

The New York Red Bulls begin their season against Sporting KC on Sunday night, March 8th, at 7:00 PM eastern time.

With little time left before the team begins their campaign, take a look at New York Sports Hub’s quick season preview with Red Bulls lead writer Patrick Glodkowski and editor Matt Tomaszewsky.

Patrick Glodkowski:

Once again, the New York Red Bulls went through a pretty big overhaul in the off-season. Both DP’s were dropped, only to be replaced by Bradley Wright-Phillips. Although he definitely deserved DP money considering the type of season he had in 2014, the loss of Thierry Henry most likely will cause his goalscoring count to decline.

As far as being told it is a rebuilding process, I don’t buy it. Not to say they are getting stingy, but more so that the “vision” Curtis Ali so flaunts has not come to fruition. I think in due time it will, but they have yet to sort it out.

Some fine new additions have come through this off-season. Kljestan, Felipe, Stolz, Davis, Zubar, and the return of Dane Richards will surely have an impact on the season. Nonetheless, since the roster changed quite dramatically, we will see the growing pains we have seen time and time again. It’ll most likely be another slow start to the season. There is, however, a chance it could be an explosive start, if Marsch may can figure out the proper positions for his players.

In terms of the outcomes this season, I think we should expect a long US Open Cup run. It seems clear that fans are ashamed at the past performances of the team in the competition, and so, Marsch and co. may want to get their first cup trophy in this tournament rather than in the MLS Cup. Speaking of which, the Red Bulls should make the playoffs, as six teams are permitted into the postseason. Expansion teams making it through to the playoffs is a tough sell, but we will see what happens. I still think there is a spot reserved for New York. After that, no comment.

Matt Tomaszewsky:

We all know what happened in the off-season. Ali Curtis fired Mike Petke and hired Jesse Marsch. The team brought in a bunch of new players, and said goodbye to several others. While times have clearly changed at Red Bull Arena, this team still has a solid foundation that I think could be built for success, should the pieces fall into the right places.

Bradley-Wright Phillips is a talented player, with or without Thierry Henry. His goals tally might see a slight drop off, but I don’t see it as much of a worry, since new additions can certainly help out in that department.

No matter what fans may say or think of the Red Bulls’ new manager, Jesse Marsch has a smart soccer mind, and I am confident that he will be able to put the team together properly and lead them into the playoffs. How far they will make it once they get there is another question entirely. I think they could very well end up in the same position they were in last season, losing in the East Finals.

This season might be difficult for the New York Red Bulls, with all the change we saw in the off-season. However, I think they have the talent necessary to pull it together and make runs at both the US Open Cup and the MLS Cup. It will be an interesting season to say the least.

The Red Bulls need support from their fans. Please continue to give it to them. We have constantly some of the most passionate fans in the MLS. Let’s keep it that way.


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