New York Sports Weekly Awards

Despite it not being the best effort from our beloved New York teams this week, their still were definitely a few standouts.Here are the weekly awards.

Team of the Week: New York Rangers

Will the red hot New York Rangers ever be dethroned? They’ve won the team of the week honors for all four of our weekly award pieces now, and they’re showing no signs of slowing down. They went 2-0-1 this week, picking up 5 points and staying pace in the playoff race for the Eastern Conference. They’re now just 1 point back of the Metropolitan Division leaders New York Islanders, and 3 points behind the Montreal Canadiens for the Eastern Conference lead. They had impressive wins over top tier teams such as the Nashville Predators and Chicago Blackhawks, as well as taking the Detroit Red Wings to OT.

Player of the Week: Cam Talbot

Talbot has been an absolute blessing for New York this season since superstar goaltender Henrik Lundqvist went down. He had an exceptional performance in the net this week, giving up just three goals in three games, as well as shutting out the explosive Chicago Blackhawk offense. Talbot earned recognition for his performance, taking home the third NHL star of the week honor. He had 83 saves with a 0.99 goals-against average and a .965 save percentage.

Play of the Week: Mix Diskerud scores a screamer for NYCFC’s first ever goal.

It looked like that would go on to be the game winner as well, but Kaka broke that dream, by scoring a last second stoppage time goal to seal a draw for Orlando. Still a great goal nonetheless.

Worst play of the Week: NYCFC medical staff allowing Josh Saunders to continue after near concussion.

Under no circumstances should a goalie stay in after banging his head on a goalpost. With all of the controversy in the NFL and NHL with head trauma from big hits, Saunders should not have remained in that game. Props to him for toughing it out, but the teams med staff should have none better. Something similar happened in the EPL last season with Tottenham keeper Hugo Lloris smashing his head and getting a concussion and ultimately staying in, causing an uproar among soccer fans. While this may not have been as bad, he still should have been replaced.

Game of the Week: Nets vs. Warriors

This one was easy to pick. The Brooklyn Nets played a hell of a game, bringing the Warriors down to the wire tied at 108. While we normally are accustomed to seeing Joe Johnson clinch games, this time it was Jarret Jack who nailed the game winning shot to win 110-108. We saw it all this game. From vintage Steph Curry to late game heroics, this was a phenomenal match from beginning to end, and definitely deserving of this award.

Worst Player of the Week: Jeb Brovsky 

While this one may not have been exactly his fault, he still takes home this award. Kaka’s game winning free kick deflected off Brovsky, into the net for the tying goal that would strip NYCFC of their first ever win.

Transaction of the Week: Jets trade a fifth round draft selection for Brandon Marshall.

The Jets had a superfluous amount of cap space heading into this offseason, and they already are making use of it. Brandon Marshall was acquired in exchange for a fith round selection, next to nothing for a player of Marshall’s caliber. He had a down season last year, but he did have Jay Cutler throwing him the ball, as well as dealing with numerous injuries. The Jets are now arguably a QB away from being a truly dangerous offense.



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