Could Markel Brown Lead a Young Nets?

In what can only be described as a dismal season for the Brooklyn Nets there have been very little glimmers of hope. One of the most recent being the emergence of Markel Brown. His raw athleticism has proved a refreshing breath of fresh air in an aging, often injury plagued, Nets roster.

Although far from superstardom Brown does show a lot of potential to develop into a steady player and the opportunity for a young core to grow together is something that the Nets haven’t seen in a while.

Now with Thaddeus Young, Mason Plumlee, Cory Jefferson and Markel Brown all looking to make an impression what started out as an aging team now has some serious talent in the young players who seem to be improving as time advances. But with all this talent could Brown be the guard to lead this unit?

Over recent weeks Brown has been a human highlight reel. But at times he looks to take contested shots rather than find the open man. Granted, this could just be Markel trying to prove to Hollins that he is NBA ready. That he can make the right pass but he can also handle the ball, score and be an effective player, given half the chance. And he has been impressing people with his performances.

NY Sports Hub’s very own Billy Sakmann even discussed here if Markel Brown was ready to start for Brooklyn.

On the other hand, could it be that that fans are simply over-hyping the young guard because the rest of the roster is, well, so greatly underachieving? The majority of the roster is playing poorly, lacking energy, commitment and drive to win. Is that why Brown is standing out because he is willing to work? Likely so.

It is safe to say that before the organization and their fans get over-excited about Brown, he needs more time. Brown needs to prove he can be consistent, make the right choices, facilitate and score before he can be considered anything other than a decent draft pick and a role player.


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