Darrelle Revis Returns to New York Jets

The New York Jets have landed the player many considered to be the prize of free agency this offseason. All-Pro cornerback Darrelle Revis is set to return to the Jets after two seasons away from the team.


Revis Island is set to return to New York. After being traded to the Tampa Buccaneers and subsequently being cut, Pro Bowl cornerback Darelle Revis spent last season with the New England Patriots, ultimately culminating in a Super Bowl win. After the Patriots declined his $20 million team option for the 2015-2016 NFL season, Revis hit the open market.

Revis’s deal is reportedly worth up to $70 million over five years, the richest cornerback deal in NFL history. $39 million of this contract is guaranteed, and $48 million of it will come in Revis’s first three years of the new deal.

Other teams interested in Revis included the incumbent New England Patriots, Rex Ryan’s Buffalo Bills, the Cleveland Browns and the Pittssburgh Steelers. Ultimately the decision was said to be between the Patriots and Jets.

The Jets drafted Revis 14th overall in 2007 and enjoyed his services for the first six years of his career. In this time Revis became a fan favorite, shutdown corner, Pro Bowl player and All-Pro cornerback. Revis totaled 19 interceptions in his tenure with the Jets, a number that gradually declined as opposing teams simply stopped targeting him.

Success was also found in Revis’s early years, as the Jets grew with Mark Sanchez and Revis led the defense that went to two straight AFC championships. Revis got a true taste of winning last year with the Patriots, earning his first Super Bowl ring.

Revis returns to the New York Jets at 29 years old, still considered one of the best if not the best cornerbacks in the game. The Jets defense already has some bright spots, and Revis brings back his signature “Revis Island” in pass protection. New coach Todd Bowles did wonders with his defense and specifically his cornerbacks in Arizona, so Revis will naturally help create a very stout defense.

The Jets complement Revis with newly-signed cornerback Buster Skrine, a former Cleveland Brown. Revis and Skrine should create a pretty good cornerback tandem and challenge opponents passing games much more than last year.

While the Jets are still many pieces away from a championship, adding Darrelle Revis is a step in the right direction. Revis immediately shores up the defense and should have Jets fans excited. If the team continues to grow and get better, Revis’s second act in New York may be better than his first.


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