Giants Re-Sign Henry Hynoski

The New York Giants have re-signed fullback Henry Hynoski to a two-year, $2 Million dollar contract. Hynoski is the last of a dying bread in the NFL. As per Pro Football Focus he was rated as the second best fullback in the league last season even with a decrease in snaps.

It was thought that in Ben McAdoo’s hybrid “West Coast” offense that Hynoski would play a bigger role but that didn’t come to fruition. Instead those duties were given to the tight ends. Hynoski’s main duty was to block for the running backs on short yardage plays which diminished his playing time.

Maybe Hynoski’s role will increase this season with having a full year to learn the playbook and get more familiar with his role.

In his four years with the Giants. he has started 21 of the 46 games he’s played in. He has mainly been a blocking back on offense where he as run the ball 12 times for 33 yards and has 24 receptions for 138 yards and one touchdown.

Hynoski was an undrafted player out of Pittsburgh in 2011 when he signed with the Giants.


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