Is Time Running Out For The Nets?

The Brooklyn Nets have dropped five games in a row and are 3.5 games out of playoff position. The season hasn’t gone quite as expected, and but it has a chance to improve.

The Nets are going up against the Philadelphia 76ers and the Minnesota Wolves in the next two games, both should victories… on paper at least. The rest of the season is going up against stronger sides mainly. The Cleveland Cavaliers, Portland Blazers, Altanta Hawks, Chicago Bulls, and the Washington Wizards are all teams that will face the Nets in the coming weeks.

The season is ending fairly soon, and chances to get into the playoffs could be running out. The team has been plagued with injuries the whole season, with Sergey Karasev and Mirza Teletovic going down in the process.

Williams hasn’t been as consistent, the team is relying on a mix of rookies and seasoned vets to get by. Jack has been coming off the bench since Markel Brown has been the regular point guard recently. Brown has done some solid contributing to the team’s efforts, but it hasn’t been to much avail.

They’re up against two weak sides these next two games and they should be victories if all goes well.

Plumlee has moved to the bench and Lopez has taken the starting job at center. The team is running out of players and making a lot of changes recently. Jack has moved to the sixth man spot, Young has become the starter now too. Anderson is listed as day-to-day with a bruised back which doesn’t help their case at all.

The team is running out chances to get into the playoffs, and a lack of players and confidence could be an issue. Players are going down, shots aren’t going down etc. The next few games are crucial. If they can manage to win these next three or four games, their confidence will soar, and can bring themselves back into the picture.

If they lose these next few games, then it becomes nearly a nightmare scenario. The schedule is only going to harder and stronger, which doesn’t help them in any way. They may have beaten the Warriors, but consistently going up against some of the conference’s stronger sides is going to be an uphill struggle.

The season is not over, they can turn this around. They need to believe in themselves and not lose confidence in these next coming games. If they can do that, they can still be in the playoff hunt. Missing the playoffs would make New York basketball look disgraceful since the neighbors are the worst team in the league currently. Brooklyn can be New York’s shining beacon of hope, if they do well in these next few games.


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