Is Langston Galloway Part of New York’s Long Term Future?

On January 7th, 2015, the New York Knicks signed Langston Galloway to a 10-day contract. Galloway signed a second 10-day contract on the 17th before inking a partially guaranteed two-year deal on January 27th. He has so far appeared in 29 games and starting in 25 of those. Galloway sits in second place in NBA history behind teammate, Lou Amundson, for games started while on a 10-day contract.

Galloway has played as both the on and off guard in his short career and with Jose Calderon out he has become the floor general for the struggling Knicks. He may only be a rookie, but Galloway is a mature one as he is 23 years old. Galloway stepped in and was a leader from the beginning.

New York Daily News
New York Daily News

Offensively, Galloway has a smooth jump-shot and thrives in the mid-range game. He is not put-off by the tall trees inside, Galloway attacks the rim with regularity but he needs to add a floater. The St Joseph’s product is more of a scoring guard rather than a traditional point guard.

One area where Galloway is superior to all of his backcourt counterparts is defensively. He has held his opponents to 32% from the field and 27% from greater than 15 feet. Galloway has a great defensive stance and is quick laterally, he pokes the ball loose and gets into the passing lanes. Arguably the best aspect of Galloway’s defense is his rebounding.

As you well and truly know, the Knicks having around $30 million in cap space, at this point in time, to spend during free agency. The Knicks also have just four players under contract. There is a roster that needs filling. Is Galloway in Jackson’s grand plan?

Galloway has a partially guaranteed contract and has a team option for the next two seasons. For his current production, retaining Galloway for $845,000 per year is a bargain.

The message that Derek Fisher is sending is one of defensive intent, he is predominantly focusing on that end. He knows from personal experience that you have to play defence in order to achieve ultimate success. Galloway is a defense first player, he knows that defense creates offense and that defense is what helps you close out games.

Galloway excels both on and off the ball defensively. The Knicks have also struggled to consistently rebound the basketball and Galloway has a knack as to where the ball will bounce. He is currently averaging 4.5 rebounds per game. Clearly, Galloway ticks all the boxes defensively.

New York Daily News
New York Daily News

The triangle offense requires a point guard that can knock down both three pointers and two point jump-shots, one who can cut back door or slash and finish at the rim. Galloway doesn’t need much space to get his shot off, and his jumpshot, although it has a hitch, is as smooth as butter. Galloway is all muscle and he isn’t afraid of physicality. He likes to bang down low and his middle name is contact.

The other Knick point guards are terrified of the paint and it’s incredibly refreshing to see a little guy getting it done inside. Galloway fulfils most areas, but passing isn’t second nature to him. There are times where he should give the ball up but Galloway ends up dribbling the ball around for 24 seconds.

Galloway is also extremely athletic. He’s quick from baseline to baseline and Galloway can sky well above the rim, we’ve seen him climb the ladder for some splendid one-handed put-back dunks. Galloway’s leaping ability allows him to mix it with the tall trees on the glass. Galloway is also well built which allows him to get through and around screens without losing his man, it also means he’s hard move.

Galloway also offers many intangibles and the Knicks are sorely in need of those. Galloway is a rookie but he runs the team like he’s a 15-year pro. Galloway is cool, calm and collected from the start to finish. He isn’t easily rattled. The 23-year-old has made it known that he tries to be a leader, to be vocal out on the court and Galloway has done that exceptionally well in his short NBA career. Clutch. If you look up the definition of ‘clutch’ you’ll see Galloway’s name. He has hit many 3-point shots to seal, win or extend games.

-Game sealing three pointer versus Orlando
-Game sealing three pointer versus Philadelphia
-Overtime forcing three pointer versus Detroit (2 OT win)
-Game sealing three pointer versus Toronto

Going forward Phil Jackson encourages the idea of having a balanced roster of both experience and youth. He’s also fond of mature aged rookies. Galloway plays well above his age and it seems as though he fits in with the Knicks long term goals. He’s currently on a contract that is incredibly cheap and it’d be a mistake to send him packing anytime in the near future.

Galloway has displayed a good all-round skill set on the court. It’s also been noted that for someone new to the NBA he has stepped immediately into a leadership role. His qualities both on and off the court make him a valuable asset to the New York Knicks going forward.


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