Langston Galloway: Nothing More Than a Phenomenon?

Langston Galloway was a star at St. Joseph’s University averaging 15 points per game, 4.5 rebounds per game, 2.2 assist per game and 1.3 steals per game in a total of 133 games over four years. To his disliking, Galloway went undrafted but made a name for himself with the New York Knicks in the 2014 Las Vegas Summer League and gave Phil Jackson something to think about over the summer.

The scoring guard was later signed by the Knicks for training camp and the pre-season. Galloway was eventually waived but he was secured by the Westchester Knicks of the NBA Development League.

New York Post
New York Post

After averaging 16.5 points per game, 5.9 rebounds per game, 2.3 assists per game and 2.7 steals per game in 19 games for Westchester, Galloway was given the call-up signing a 10-day contract on January 7th, 2015. Phil Jackson was pleased by his play and Galloway earned a second 10-day contract on January 17th, 2015. Galloway and his skill set were exactly what the Knicks front office was after and Jackson signed Galloway to a partially guaranteed two-year deal on January 27th (this season being year one).

As you can see Galloway was forced to take the long road to the NBA, but he couldn’t be happier. One if his better quotes was that his dream was not to just make the NBA, but to remain in it. He has accomplished that goal and it seems as though he will sticking around for years to come.

As is the case with every rookie there are up-and-downs and highs-and-lows and 23-year-old has experienced this. Galloway, for the most part, has been terrific. He has a strong mentality and his confidence never waivers which is incredible for an-un drafted rookie that has played just 38 games. What is truly astounding and an incredible achievement for Galloway is that he has started in 34 games. The D-League call up is second in NBA history for most starts while on a 10-day contract only bested by fellow Knick, Lou Amundson.

New York Post
New York Post

When Galloway was added to the roster there was much hype surrounding him and he gave the fans something to cheer for. In recent times the luster seems to be thinning. Take the past past games as an example. Against the Philadelphia 76ers, Galloway posted just 2 points, 2 rebounds and 3 assists in 33 minutes of action. The night before Galloway poured 21 points, grabbed 7 rebounds and dished out 3 assists. He tends to from one extreme to the other.

Once Derek Fisher and his Knicks realized that the season was lost it became an open audition for next season and Galloway has been putting up solid numbers on a horrid team. He is yet to play in a fully-manned, fully-equipped team and his production may diminish when others return to the lineup.

Galloway is a wild-card moving forward. He may be successful but right now he has a license to shoot and Galloway is a ball-dominant scoring guard. He is more off a shooting guard compared to being a point guard. Galloway has no problem with shooting and scorning the ball but his lack of facilitating can be quite frosting.

The St Joseph’s product is a scorer first and a facilitator second. There are times when Galloway will not make a single pass before pulling up for a jump-shot. The triangle is a team-first system and it preaches ball movement. He has spent a majority of his time as the lead guard and in 32 minutes of action Galloway is posting just 3 assists per game. Galloway’s shooting percentage has slipped to 38% from the field and his field goal percentage in his ‘hot spot’ of 15 feet has dropped to a lowly 32%. Galloway goes out there to put the ball in the basket but at times his shot-selection is questionable. He sometimes has a tendency to keep on hoisting out jumpers rather than getting to the rim.

Jersey Online
Jersey Online

On the defensive end Galloway has dropped off in recent times and he still has a propensity to commit silly fouls. It’s not rare for Galloway to find himself in foul trouble in the early going. He prides himself on the defensive end but Galloway commits 3.2 fouls per game. Although he is a solid on ball defender, Galloway is often caught napping and he occasionally drifts away from his man leading to many open shots.

Inconsistency seems to be a killer for Galloway and although he’s young, Galloway’s production fluctuates on a nightly basis. In recent times the mature-aged rookie has had more poor games than good games and his hype seems to be on the decline.

With the current state of the Knicks roster it is impossible to tell if Galloway’s hype has diminished, or just being subdued right now. His production is slowly regressing on both the offensive and defensive ends. Saying that Galloway has hit the ‘rookie wall’ is illogical as he is stellar one game and silent in others.

USA Today
USA Today

The Knicks inked him to a 3-year deal but his value will be determined next season. Galloway is putting up solid numbers on poor team in which he has the license to fire at will. With his play style it looks like there could be some issues regarding if he’ll fit in or not.

With just 7 games to go this season Galloway needs to take this opportunity to re-establish his luster. After hitting the headlines and a drop-off in production Galloway’s hype is slowing diminishing, but is it all lost? Or just subdued for the time being? Is Galloway really the savior that the Knicks are after? It’s hard to tell at this point. It may be a process of just waiting and seeing, doing so next season.


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