Is Eli Manning a Hall Of Fame Worthy Player?

New York Giants QB Eli Maning has proven he has ice in his veins. Whether it’s bringing a wild card team to the Super Bowl to beat an 18-0 New England Patriots or throwing the most fourth quarter touchdowns in NFL history in a single season, Manning has proven he can come up big in the clutch time and time again. Eli has been to the biggest game twice where he’s beaten Hall of Fame caliber quarterback Tom Brady in both trips.

In those two games Eli has thrown for a combined 551 yards and 3 TD’s. He’s only thrown 1 INT and maintained a 96.2% completion rating in his Super Bowl outings. He’s held his own throughout those games, making some spectacular, game changing plays. Like when he somehow evaded a number of Patriots pass rushers to throw a bomb to WR David Tyree for a insane helmet catch that’ll go down in Super Bowl history forever. He ended up finishing out that drive with a touchdown pass to WR Plaxico Burress on a fade route, gaining a late lead that won the game for Big Blue. Or maybe the time when Eli threw a beauty to WR Mario Manningham to the sidelines for a breath taking play. He placed the ball perfectly over two Patriots defenders where only Manningham could get it to set up a Giants TD and come from behind victory.

Eli’s going into his 13th season NFL season and, having never missed a start in his professional career, ranks only behind Brett Favre and his brother Peyton Manning for third on the all time consecutive starts list with a still active streak of 178. Over that time he’s thrown for 39,755 yards and 259 TD’s. Eli has always been one to work with whatever he has, turning undrafted free agents Victor Cruz and Jake Ballard into big time playmakers. But with those good stats, comes some ones that you wish you didn’t have to see. Eli’s thrown for 185 INT’s and has been sacked 280 times.

However, through the INT’s and abuse, Eli has always gotten the job done for Big Blue. Eli is entering his last year on his record breaking contract, and many Giants fans are concerned about the silence on a possible extension getting signed between him and his team at this point as he nears unrestricted free agency next summer. Yet while many Big Blue faithful are calling for Manning to take a payout in his next deal, Eli has done plenty for the Giants, and he’s done more then enough to go down in history, and earn a spot in the the NFL’s HOF. While taking lesser money may help the Giants win, Eli has earned every penny of his current and future deals through delivery two Lombardi Trophy’s to New York.

Eli has easily become the New York Giants franchise player over the course of his successful NFL career. It shouldn’t even be an active debate on if he’ll be extended, the future Giants Ring of Honor and NFL Hall of Fame inductee is set to be the Giants QB, and captain until he decides to call it a career.


One thought on “Is Eli Manning a Hall Of Fame Worthy Player?”

  1. yeh if only plaxico did not literally shoot himself in the leg his numbers would have been even better and might have had a 3rd ring but he has a awesome rookie wr coming into his 2nd yr and hopefully a healthy victor cruz who btw said he’s about 70% back to normal just before this article came out, eli has a good chance to make it back into the playoffs and make a run for another super bowl


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