Jets Have Interest in Matt Schaub, But Should Not Pounce

Former Houston Texans and Oakland Raiders quarterback Matt Schaub and the New York Jets reportedly have some mutual interest. Schaub is expected to pick from a small number of suitors in the very near future. However, Schaub is not a viable answer at the quarterback position.

The defense is stacked from top to bottom. The wide receiving core is looking great. New general manager Mike Maccagnan and coach Todd Bowles are already creating a new culture in New York.

But there’s still question marks at the quarterback position.

On the roster, there’s third-year man Geno Smith, who’s showcased a plethora of inconsistency and turnovers, as well as veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick who may be a capable game manager in the twilight of his career.

Fitzpatrick and Geno Smith are set to compete for the starting job this fall.  (USA TODAY Sports)
Fitzpatrick and Geno Smith are set to compete for the starting job this fall. (USA TODAY Sports)

Simply put, Matt Schaub would bring nothing to the Jets, and would fill a similar role to Ryan Fitzpatrick. This role of veteran game manager is a valuable one, and one that Fitzpatrick may fill quite well actually. But there’s no reason to have two quarterbacks on the roster next year filling this same role.

Schaub would potentially be an adequate game manager due to his ball protection over the years, throwing 130 career touchdown passes against 86 interceptions. In his prime, not too long ago, Schaub was more than capable of leading the Texans offense, throwing for over 4,000 yards three times in a four season stretch. Game manager ability is often measured by quarterback rating, and Schaub had five straight seasons with a rating over 90.0.

But since then, it’s been downhill for Schaub. His final season in Houston was plagued with injuries and benchings, and Schaub amassed a 73.0 passer rating in ten games played. His next season with the Oakland Raiders was set to prove his solid but not stellar play could be translated around the league.

Instead, Schaub was relegated to backing up rookie Derek Carr, and completed five of ten passes with two interceptions on the season.

At this point in his career, Schaub would be a poor man's Ryan Fitzpatrick (Getty Images)
At this point in his career, Schaub would be a poor man’s Ryan Fitzpatrick (Getty Images)

There are two reasons the Jets may look to add Schaub: he deserves another NFL shot and the Jets should add another arm before training camp.

As far as the NFL shot, even at 33 years old Schaub definitely has something left in the tank. The Jets may be interested to see what that is, but should steer clear in this rebuilding phase. Schaub is not the signal-caller the Jets need, and would be a downgrade from Ryan Fitzpatrick in the game manager scenario.

In terms of another arm, the Jets already have an incumbent and a veteran. For a third competing arm, the Jets would be wise to look to the draft. Whether it’s Marcus Mariota in the first round or a day two pick like Bryce Petty, Brett Hundley or Garrett Grayson, the Jets quarterback competition should be rounded out with a young quarterback. The Jets don’t need two similar veterans, and a fresh, young face could really spice up the competition.

The Jets have hit on most of their offseason moves so far, and should continue making smart moves by steering clear of Matt Schaub. With other suitors on the table, Schaub will find an NFL job, just not with Gang Green.


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