Should The Knicks Give Ledo a Chance?

Ricky Ledo began his career with the Dallas Mavericks, he played a total of 16 games over the past two seasons. The 22-year-old had bounced to and from the D-League which is where he received some attention. On March 19th the New York Knicks filled out their roster by signing Ricky Ledo to a 10-day contract. Ledo struggled at first, but in recent times he has found his footing. Jackson was satisfied with the play by the former D-Leaguer signing him to a second 10-day contract on March 29th.

In his short time with the Knicks, seven games, Ledo has posted 10 points per game, 3.7 rebounds per game and 1.6 assists per game on 38% shooting from the field, 45% from long range and 81% from the charity stripe. Ledo has scored in double-figures in three consecutive games, including a career-high 21 points against the Washington Wizards. Ledo seems to have figured the triangle out and as he feels more comfortable, and as he receives more minutes, he is improving on a daily basis.

City Sports Report
City Sports Report

To Keep Ledo:

He’s Young

Ledo is currently 22-years old and he’s a promising young talent. The New York Knicks backcourt has struggled big time this season and in his few games, Ledo has showed some consistency. All young players have their ups-and-downs but in the past week, Ledo has been on the up. Ledo has shown flashes that he could be a contributor and a regular in the rotation. At the moment the 22-year-old is basically a raw talent and there is plenty of grooming to be done but there are bucket loads of potential.

Fitting In

As a team the Knicks have had their struggles shooting the basketball, especially from long range. So far Ledo has shot 45% from behind the line and he’s stroke and mechanics are on point. Ledo is also just no a ‘one trick pony’ as he has a knack for pulling up from 15-18 feet. For the past two seasons New York have been unable to penetrate the defense. Ledo has shown the ability to get inside, to finish at the rim and also hitting the open man. The trainable doesn’t specifically name positions and Ledo with his solid ball-handling allows for him to succeed playing as the lead guard.

2015 Free Agency: It Doesn’t Look that Attractive Anymore

The 2015 free agency period was supposed to be a talent gold-mine but as time has gone on it looks less, and less attractive. It’s now transparent that Phil Jackson is setting his sights on drastically improving the Knicks in 2016, rather than 2015. Next season could also be an opportunity for more open auditions and giving Ledo a shot to play consistent minutes for 82 games could allow him to develop into an NBA player, not just a player bouncing to and fro. The only way to develop and inject experience into the youth is to give them consistent minutes.

New York Daily News
New York Daily News

To Let Ledo Go:


Ledo’ biggest issue is that he commits turnovers far to regularly and Ledo has the propensity to commit utterly silly fouls. Ledo is averaging 3.1 turnovers per game with the Knicks and he’s also averaging 3.5 fouls per game. The giving away of possession and committing foolish fouls also come at the worst time possible. If it be with fouling an opponent when already in the bonus, or turning the ball over for an easy score which breaks the team’s momentum. Ledo’s basketball I.Q. is quite low. He throws cross court passes, over-dribbles the basketball, gets to fancy for his own good and attempts some wild shots.

Veterans Only

Ledo is 22-years-old and is new to the NBA. He is a young and needs tutelage but the Knicks have no veterans to educate this young man. For the past two seasons the New York have sorely missed veterans the provide a certain stability. Ledo also isn’t necessarily part of big picture. Ledo may be a mature age but some of his habits on the court make him look like a 16-year-old. The Knicks currently have a solid backcourt that has succeeded well enough in the triangle. Galloway, Shved, and Early are all capable players but in order to improve they require a teacher. Basically, Ledo’s spot could be used for someone who can bring more to this team.

There’s Plenty of Fish in the Water

The Knicks will attempt to improve via free agency. Although the pool isn’t as good as it first looked, there are still many players who could fill some of New York’s holes better than Ledo could. The 2015-16 season could also be used as time to gain continuity before the suspected title run in 2017. As Ledo has his ups-and-downs and unproven in the NBA he isn’t a player who you’d offer a long term deal. Inconsistency could doom him as there are better quality guards who could serve the team more.

Ricky Ledo is a wildcard player and if given an opportunity he could take it with both hands and make the most of it, or he could be a huge flop. There are reasons that Ledo should be given the chance and there are valid arguments as to why Phil Jackson should let him leave without a second thought.

Ledo is raw and has a world of potential, but his lack of experience could deter Phil Jackson from re-signing him on a guaranteed idea. The Knicks could use the summer and training camp to determine Ledo’s fate. It would not be the worst idea to sign Ledo to a non-guaranteed contract, meaning that he would participate in the Summer League for the Knicks and attend New York’s training camp but he could then be released.

Should the Knicks give Ledo a shot?


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