The Growth of J.T. Miller

J.T. Miller certainly did not have the start of his career that any player would dream of. He bounced back and forth between Hartford and New York while John Tortorella was the head coach, and even while Alain Vigneault has been behind the bench after replacing him. However, it seems that Miller has finally made his case to become a mainstay in the top six forward units. It may have took a little longer than he expected, but he is finally contributing to the team’s success of a nightly basis.

He has seen ice time on every single line that the Rangers have put out, however Vigneault has seemed to once again proven to be a master of his craft by putting together the All-American line consisting of Chris Kreider, Derek Stepan, and of course J.T. Miller.

For the past two games, this line has been the most consistent and the most notable on the ice. Since they’ve been put together, Miller has a goal and an assist. That leaves him with ten goals and twelve assists in fifty three games this season.

Since he has regained his confidence, Miller has gone from a second thought from the coaching staff to an immediate option. In the beginning, Miller was a liability on all ends of the ice, making unnecessary passes in front of his net or taking a bad penalty. Currently, he is one of the most disciplined players who knows how to use his speed and hard hitting mentality to get under the skin of the opposition.

With this emergence of the player that General Manager Glen Sather was hoping for when he drafted Miller fifteenth overall in the 2011 draft, he will certainly be a valuable asset in the playoffs. Keeping his current line together, and with all three players putting up points, will prove to be a very important threesome in the post season.

As long as Miller keeps this type of play up, he will stay in the top six, and maybe even a leading point scorer in the next couple weeks.


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