Earl Clark Signs Two-Year Deal With Nets

After a 10-day contract, Earl Clark will stay with the Brooklyn Nets for the remainder of this year and possibly the next. Clark will be eligible to compete in the playoffs should the Nets make it. Pending a team option for next year Clark would be paid the veterans minimum of $1.2 million.

In five games for the Nets, Clark has featured in a bench role, averaging over 12 minutes a game. Initially signed to deepen the small forward position after Thaddeus Young’s knee sprain, Clark will be used as insurance for Alan Anderson’s ankle sprain.

At 27-years-old, Clark believes his youth and energy brings value defensively against skilled fours.”I’m just a player who can do a lot of things at both ends of the court,” Clark said after signing his 10-day contract.

Clark has averaged just over four points and three rebounds per contest. Against the conference leading Atlanta Hawks, Clark had his best game in a Nets uniform scoring 11 points and collecting seven rebounds during 22 minutes of play.

With a journeyman’s career thus far, playing for his sixth NBA team in five years, along with an overseas stint in China for the Shandong Lions, Clark recognizes the value of a cheap contract (from the team’s perspective at least) guaranteeing him only another six games. “I think it’s a great situation for me and I’m going to try to capitalize on it.”


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