Greatest Athlete in New York Sports History: Round of 32

The first round of out vote is over, now onto round two.

Firstly though, I would like to say thank you to everyone that voted. We got an outstanding 6,855 votes, much higher than what we thought we would have received.

After tallying the votes, this is the updated bracket heading into the next round.



The rules and first post are here for anyone who missed out, and voting for this will conclude on the morning of April 9th.

Queens side

1. New York Giant Lawrence Taylor vs 8. New York Ranger Mike Richter

Lawrence Taylor career highlights: NFL Hall of Famer, 13 seasons with the Giants, 10 Pro Bowl and All Pro selections, 1986 MVP, 3 time defensive player of the year, 2 time Super Bowl Champion, 1981 rookie of the year, ranked as the third greatest NFL player of all time by, has his number 56 retired by the Giants. Second in franchise sack record with 132.5

Mike Richter career highlights: 14 seasons, NHL Hall of Famer, 1994 Stanley Cup champ, franchise leader in saves, 2nd in wins, 3rd in save percentage, 5th in shutouts, #35 retired by Rangers

Taylor got here pretty easily, grabbing 87% of the votes against John Starks. Richter had a tougher path, just defeating Bill Dickey with a 56% vote.

5. New York Yankee Yogi Berra vs 4. New York Ranger Brian Leetch

Yogi Berra career highlights: MLB Hall of Famer, 18 seasons as a Yankee, 18 time all star, 13 time world series champion, 3 time AL MVP, #8 retired by Yankees, 5th all time in Yankees history for hits

Brian Leetch career highlights: 1994 Stanley Cup MVP, 18 seasons as a Ranger, NHL Hall of Famer as a Ranger, 2nd in Rangers history in games played, 9th in goals scored, 1st in assists, 2nd in points.

Leetch won with ease, picking up 68% of the vote against Knicks star Allan Houston. Berra also won with little problem, taking 65% of the vote against Eli Manning

11. New York Giant Michael Strahan vs 3. New York Ranger Mark Messier

Michael Strahan career highlights: 15 seasons with the Giants, NFL Hall of Famer, 5th in NFL history and Giants all time sack leader (141.5), 2nd for tackles, 2007 SB champion, 2000 NFC champion, 7 time Pro Bowler, holds single season sack record, 2 time NFC defensive player of the year.

Mark Messier career highlights: Captain of 1994 championship team, 10 seasons with the Rangers, 7th all time in goals scored (250), 3 time all star, Hart Trophy winner, 6th all time in assists, 5th all time in points.

Despite being the 3 seed, Messier did have some problems defeating Andy Pettitte, who picked up 40% of the votes. Strahan completed the upset over Willis Reed by taking 55% of the votes. Can he be the “Cinderella” player of this tournament?

10. New York Yankee Thurman Munson vs 2. New York Yankee Mickey Mantle

Thurman Munson career statistics: 11 seasons with the Yankees, .292 average, 7 time All Star, 2 time World Series Champ, 1976 AL MVP, #15 retired by Yankees

Mickey Mantle career highlights: MLB Hall of Famer, 20 seasons with the Yankees, 20 time All Star, 7 time World Series Champ, 3 time AL MVP, 1956 triple crown winner, #7 retired by Yankees, 536 career home runs, second most in NYY history.

Mantle had an easy first round, finishing with an outstanding 89% of the votes against Reggie Jackson. Munson had a tougher road, earning 54% of the votes in an upset over Earl Monroe.

Now onto Manhattan

1. Brooklyn Dodger Jackie Robinson vs 9. New York Met/Yankee Daryl Strawberry

Jackie Robinson career highlights: First ever African American MLB player, 10 seasons in Brooklyn 6 time all star, 1949 NL MVP, World Series champion, #42 retired by the MLB, .313 batting average, MLB Hall of Famer

Daryl Strawberry career highlights: 8 seasons as a Met, 5 as a Yankee, 7 time All Star, 4 time World Series Champ, 1983 NL rookie of the year

Jackie Robinson had no trouble getting out of the first round, taking 88% of the vote against Keith Hernandez. Strawberry pulled off the 9 over 8 upset by defeating Benard King with 55% of the vote.

5. New York Ranger Rod Gilbert vs 4. New Jersey Nets Jason Kidd

Rod Gilbert career highlights: 17 seasons with the Rangers, NHL Hall of Famer,#7 retired by the Rangers, 3rd in franchise history games played, 1st in goals and points, 2nd in assists, 4 time All Star

Jason Kidd career highlights 8 seasons as a Net, 7 time All Star, 2 time Eastern Conference champion, 3 time All NBA first team, #5 retired by Nets, 5th in franchise history for rebounds, 1st in assists and steals, 4th in points

Gilbert had no trouble escaping Clark Giles, as he took 76% of the vote. Kidd on the other hand, finished with 57% against Darelle Revis

6. New York Islander Mike Bossy vs 3. New York Knick Clyde Frazier

Mike Bossy career highlights: NHL Hall of Famer, 10 seasons with Islanders, #22 retired by the team, 4 time Stanley Cup champion, 10 time All Star, franchise leader in goals scored, 3rd in points, 2nd in assists

Walt Frazier career highlights: 11 seasons as a Knick, NBA Hall of Famer, 2 time NBA champion, 7 time All Star, 1975 ASG MVP, 4 time all NBA first team, 7 time All NBA Defensive first team, #10 retired by Knicks, 2nd in franchise history games played and points, 1st in assists, 19.3 PPG

Bossy finished with 60% of the vote over Dave DeBusschere, while Frazier demolished Bill Bradley who got just 11% of the votes against Clyde.

7. New York Yankee Whitey Ford vs 2. New York Knick Patrick Ewing

Whitey Ford career highlights: 15 years with the Yankees, MLB Hall of Famer, #16 retired by Yankees, 6 time World Series champ, 10 time All Star, 1961 Cy Young winner, 1961 WS MVP, franchise leader in wins

Patrick Ewing career highlights: 16 seasons as a Knick, NBA Hall of Famer, #33 retired by Knicks, 11 time All Star, 2 time Eastern Conference Champion, franchise leader in games played, points, blocks, steals, and rebounds, 22.8 PPG, 10.4 RPG, 2.7 BPG, 1 time all NBA first team

Ford barely beat Don Mattinly, picking up just 52% of the vote in the closest vote we had. Ewing was the complete opposite, picking up a staggering 98% over Charles Oakley

Onto Brooklyn

1. New York Yankee Babe Ruth vs 8. New York Met Mike Piazza

Babe Ruth career highlights: 15 seasons in New York, 2 time All Star, 714 career home runs, #3 retired by Yankees, most home runs in franchise history, 2nd in RBI, 3rd most hits, 4 time World Series champ, 1 time AL MVP

Mike Piazza career highlights: 8 seasons as a Met, 7 time All Star, 5 time Silver Slugger winner, 4th highest average in franchise history, 3rd most home runs

Ruth also had a dominant first round, snagging 98% of the votes against Larry Grantham. Piazza also won with ease, finishing with 71% of the votes over Sam Huff

12. New York Giant Frank Gifford vs 4. New York Yankee Derek Jeter

Frank Gifford: 13 seasons as a Giant, 8 time Pro Bowler at multiple positions, 1956 title winner, 6 time all pro, NFL Hall of Famer, #16 retired by Giants

Derek Jeter career highlights: 20 seasons as a Yankee, 5 time World Series champion, 14 time All Star, 200 WS MVP, all time Yankees hit leader, 1996 rookie of the year, .310 career batting average

Gifford pulled off the upset over Dennis Potvin with 63% of all votes, and Jeter easily defeated Buck Williams with 94% of the vote.

11. New York Islander Brian Trottier vs 3. New York Yankee Mariano Rivera

Brian Trottier career highlights: 15 seasons with the Islanders, NHL Hall of Famer, #19 retired by Islanders, franchise leader in games played, assists, and points, second in goals, 4 time Stanley Cup champion

Mariano Rivera career highlights: 19 seasons as a Yankee, #42 retired by Yankees, MLB All Time saves leader, 13 time All Star, 1999 WS MVP,  5 time Reliever of the Year award, 2.21 ERA

Trottier pulled off the upset over Emlen Tunnell with 56% of the votes, and Rivera had no trouble defeating Gary Carter with 86% of all votes.

7. New York Giant Mel Hein vs 2. New York Yankee Joe DiMaggio

Mel Hein career highlights: 15 seasons with the Giants, NFL Hall of Famer, #7 retired by Giants, 1938 NFL MVP, 4 time Pro Bowler, 2 time Champion

Joe DiMaggio career highlights: 13 seasons as a Yankee, MLB Hall of Famer, #5 retired by Yankees, MLB record for hitting streak (56), 13 time All Star, 3 time AL MVP, 9 time World Series champion, 4 highest batting average in franchise history (.325)

Hein barely defeated Jerry Koosman, by taking 54% of the votes. DiMaggio had little trouble over Phil Sims, taking home 84% of the votes

Onto the Bronx

1. New York Yankee Lou Gehrig vs 8. New York Met/Yankee Dwight Gooden

Lou Gehrig Career highlights: 17 seasons, MLB Hall of Famer, #4 retired by Yankees, Yankee captain, 7 time All Star, 6 time World Series champion, franchise leader in RBI’s, second in hits, batting average, 1934 triple crown winner

Dwight Gooden career highlights: 11 seasons with the Mets, 3 with Yankees, 4 time All Star, 3 time WS champion, 1985 Cy Young and triple crown winner, 1984 Rookie of the Year

Gehrig defeated Henrik Lundqvist with 78% of the vote, while Gooden easily took out Red Ruffing with 74% of the vote, despite it being an 8 vs 9.

12. New York Red Bull Thierry Henry vs 4. New York Net Julius Erving

Thierry Henry career highlights: franchise leader in goals and assists, 2013 Supporters Shield winner, Eastern Conference champion twice.

Julius Erving career highlights: 4 seasons as a Net, 4 time ABA All Star, 2 time ABA Champion, 4 time all ABA first team, NBA Hall of Famer, #32 retired by Nets, 28.2 PPG as a Net

Henry pulled off the massive upset over Don Manyard, finishing with 54% of the total votes. Dr. J defeated Tiki Barber with 73% of the vote.

6. New York Jet Curtis Martin vs 3. New York Met Tom Seaver

Curtis Martin career highlights: 8 seasons as a Jet, NFL Hall of Famer, 3 time Pro Bowler, #28 retired by the Jets, franchise leader in rushing yards and rushing touchdowns

Tom Seaver career highlights: 11 seasons as a Met, MLB Hall of Famer, #41 retired by Mets, 10 time All Star, 1969 WS Champion, 3 time Cy Young award winner, franchise leader in wins.

Martin defeated fellow Jet Joe Klecko with 73% of the vote. Tom Seaver beat out Adam Graves with 72% of the vote.

7. New York Giant Harry Carson vs 2. New York Jet Joe Namath

Harry Carson career highlights: 12 seasons as a Giant, NFL Hall of Famer, 9 time Pro Bowler, 2 time NFL first team, 1986 SB Champion

Joe Namath career highlights: 10 seasons as a Jet, NFL Hall of Famer, Super Bowl 3 champion and MVP, #12 retired by Jets, 5 time Pro Bowler, franchise leader in touchdowns and yards thrown

Carson beat Eddie Giacomin with 60% of the vote, and Jet legend Joe Namath had no trouble defeating Mark Gasinteau, picking up 87% of the vote.





4 thoughts on “Greatest Athlete in New York Sports History: Round of 32”

  1. It appears Red Bull fans are messing with your brackets. Henry has way more votes than any other matchup or athlete. At this rate he’ll win it all and we all know he barely belongs in the discussion if at all.


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